Can you help Mrs. Wise?

This is Mrs. Wise:

Mrs Wise

Mrs. Wise and her cat.

She has a son, Mr. Wise, who is the local Theater Director. Mrs. Wise is selling theater Tickets for her sons theater plays from her Ticket Office.
You can see it in the next picture:

Of course everyone likes to see this years holidays play at the Teatro dei Soffioni, especially for the famous singer known as “Orlando the Nightingale” – and everyone is – of course- waiting eagerly for the tickets sale to begin…all, including Mrs. Wise.

Ticket Booth

Winter Village – Ticket Booth and Info Board

So when you arrive at the Village, you should firstly see the Ticket Booth and the Info Board – and then see Mrs. Wise, who is always glad about a visit. Do not forget to peek in each holiday sock by the fireplaces in the cottages 😉

The Dandelion Daydreams Factory Team & Friends:

Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Faida, Fallen Gods, Fantavatar & Moonstruck, Global Nomads, Jinx, Lilith’s den, Nova Somnium, Silvan Moon, Sweet Revolutions, Spyralle, The Arist Shed, Touryuumon

Happy Hunting and an enjoyable time at the Winter Quest part 1


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Exhausting and Satisfying

Hey, its about time for an update.

You might think I am too lazy to write here. Truth is, I am too ‘all over the place’ most of the time to focus on proper posting. RL first, that’s pretty challenging since I picked up a new job. Things might calm over time, we shall see. And then SL…. bloody hell, I thought I would never manage to meet all the deadlines for the upcoming October !

It takes me about a week focusing on a theme to come up with the one idea that feels right…then another to begin creating, then few days to improve, polish and finish and then a day to properly box it up, make pics, promote, set vendors, decorate the demo booth …eventually setting up at the event location. And that’s only the Exclusive item. Along that way I get ideas for future items, note them down, come up with Gift and Prize ideas and using the creative breaks to create them, polish, box, etc … So there comes always that point where I am multitasking, switching between projects, quickly setting up for an unexpected event or something that slipped my attention. Its pure chaotic madness, and I admit, I totally love it. Its exhausting and satisfying same time. Sounds familiar? Yeah !

This being said, though I am silent, I am very creative and productive these days.

I found a new toy to play with, an addon to blender that helps creating humanoid characters. So it makes no wonder that 2 products that are available in October are NPCs.

I am truly in love with this kid, gender unknown, fate unknown, parents unknown. But pretty much between dead and alive. It is my exclusive for Ironwood Hills Haunting


That’s enough of time spent on writing – I go back to being creative. I throw the vendor pics in my flickr pool feel free to follow me there.


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Light Em Up

devil inside...

Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

“Be careful making wishes in the dark,
Can’t be sure when they’ve hit their mark,

I’m in the de-details with the devil
So now the world can never get me on my level
I just gotta get you off the cage
I’m a young lover’s rage
Gonna need a spark to ignite

My childhood spat back out the monster that you see
My songs know what you did in the dark
So light ’em up, up, up”

~ Lilith’s Den @ Ironwood Hills – Haunting ~

Lilith’s Den – Zorphan [zombie kid] (Event EXCLUSIVE)
Lilith’s Den – Gross Cross Incubus (HUNT PRICE)

[Ironwood Hills TP] [Lilith’s Den Mainstore]



~ Cubura @ Ironwood Hills – Haunting ~

Cubura Luca Vest Signature incl. Color HUD (Event EXCLUSIVE)

[Ironwood Hills TP] [

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Why should you read this?

If you visited Dandelion already, then you know how beautiful our land is. Maybe you enjoyed our adventures and maybe you are one of those using the land to chill alone or with friends and take a relaxing break.

And maybe – just maybe – you always wondered if it was possible to live at Dandelion – or to run your business next to ours or even both!

Well now! the time has come.
Since we figured that we are using only the half of the available prims we decided to share our land!

So if you are looking for a beautiful place with lovely neighbors for your store or just your home, then reading this is just the right thing to do!

We are offering 2 quarters or 1 half sim rentals in our beloved ♥ Dandelion ♥
Land Theme: Medieval / Fantasy.
Land Usage:  Quality commercial business. // Private Living
Maturity Rating : MODERATE




Dandelion land for rent 3.jpg

1/4 sim:
Cost: 4399 L$/week
4394 Land Impact


1/2 sim:
Cost: ONLY 8899 L$/week
9373 Land Impact

You should know that we are interested in keeping the overall feel of our home as natural as possible.
We guarantee that we are doing our best to keep the sim a busy place – and would like to find you share the same interest.

Dandelion Sim Rules

– Pay rent in time
After 5 days of being overdue everything on the land will be returned with no exception

– Theme
Stay in theme with the natural look of the sim.
No neon signs, no flashing futuristic things, no sigh blocking huge divider etc.
This includes no modern buildings at all – All structures must be Medieval / Fantasy style.
Keep the visible overall design appealing for visitors and avoid littering.

– Skyboxes
Are okay at a minimum height of 1000 m (above 3000 is recommended)

– Keep your prim usage within the parcel allowance and parcel borders.
Exceeding the maximum prim / land Impact allowance and Objects outside of your solid parcel boundaries
that are “floating” in nature, or appear to be unattached or “out of place” may be returned to you if deemed inappropriately positioned or lost

– Traffic
An occasional party and events/attractions that create traffic are fine and encouraged – club activities are not

– Remember, it is a MODERATE region.
Discreet activities and displays of sexual nature are allowed only if they are not openly observable.

– Sounds, like everything else are expected to be in theme, natural and not disruptive.

– Mutual respect and courtesy.
Always be patient and respectful with whom ever you meet on this sim.
Our visitors may, and should be allowed to, have a stroll over all parts of the land.
We take often part in Hunts and create adventure quests that require them to search for something on the sim.
If they behave inadequate, remind them kindly of the TOS of Linden Labs.

– No script monsters.
We keep an eye on an excellent sim performance.
Any scripts running .1 or above are considered excessive and must be disabled (it is best to keep scripts under .05 in operation)

If you are interested in joining us at our land, please return a Notecard with the following information to either of us – we are happy to meet with you to negotiate landscaping and other conditions.

————————— NOTECARD CONTENT ————————————–

Your name:
What are your plans with the rental:
Your store Landmark: *
Marketplace URL: *
Your time Zone and language(s):
What are your thoughts about "sim performance": 
Please share your thoughts about "traffic":
Landmark(s) of your current or previous rental(s) or photos, please attach them here: *
Social media URLS: 
Have you read and accept our rules?

* if you have

Thank you for your time and interest, we look forward to meeting you and talking to you.

The Dandelion Daydreams Factory Team
Luna Barak & Alrunia Ahn

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3 good reasons to visit this round of Redeux

Reason one

I have a stall there!

Reason two

Brand new and exclusive and discounted

Lilith's Den -  Flora Zangarniya - blueLilith's Den -  Flora Zangarniya - redLilith's Den -  Flora Zangarniya - purple

Reason three

Each stall offers a gift


Visit now: REDEUX – June 14 – 21

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Enlightened Pixies on Snow

Lilith's Den - Enlightened Winter Tree

Enlightened Winter Tree (click for flickr view)

Above set is exclusive available during the free “Pixies of Snow” game by Kaleidos Hope ( OtherSkin) at Tree of Life.
Luna Barak ( Fantavatar & Moonstruck ) and I worked together on the scene, and she made the amazing bench for it that is as well available at the Event Location.


After finishing the game you can collect gifts at the shops in the sandbox.Lilith's Den -  George and Lamp.png

Pixies of Snow Gift by Lilith’s Den

And yes it is Pixies of Snow and not Pixies on Snow .. but since a certain amazing blogger called it that I can impossibly get it out of my head. Its funny after all 😀

The Event runs all through December.

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12 x Once Upon A Mine

Once Upon A Mine - Smexy Ansgar

Smexy Ansgar

Once Upon A Mine - Part 1 Fisher

Part 1 Fisher

Once Upon A Mine - The Enlightened

The Enlightened

Once Upon A Mine - Hangman


Once Upon A Mine - Part 1 The Old or the Beauty

The Old or The Beauty?

Once Upon A Mine - Part 2 Entrance

Part 2 Mine Entrance

Once Upon A Mine - Market


Once Upon A Mine - Not the Wizard

Not the Wizard

Once Upon A Mine - Part 2 Fisher

Part 2 Fisher

Once Upon A Mine - Garden


Once Upon A Mine - Kings Party

Throne Room

Once Upon A Mine - Village


Read more about it here :

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