Cryer Issue #129


News has just reached the office of The Cryer that Miss Kitiara, serving girl in The Cock-a-Hoop, has been rescued from captivity by the vampire. Minister Philippe Miller, his wife Ginny, and Master Merthyn Vintner chose a light, clear evening to make their way down into the Abbey Crypt where they believed Kit was being held. The Millers wore swords, and Merthyn carried a cross, taken from the wall in his shop. All wore garlic around their necks.

They found Kit where they had suspected she would be, chained to a stake, pale and weak, with  vampire teeth marks puncturing her skin in a number of places. She was very distressed, and hardly able to speak or walk. The Minister broke her chains with his sword, while Ginny and Merthyn kept lookout for the vampire. The creature appeared suddenly in the form of a bat, and swooped on them repeatedly, but Ginny’s sword, and the cross Merthyn held out before him, kept the foul thing far enough away to stop it from harming them. As Ginny and Merthyn took the terrified Kit up, out of the crypt, Philippe was attacked by the vampire, now in her humanoid form, and suffered a number of bites. Merthyn rushed back when Master Miller did not follow up the steps, and beat at the vampire with his cross until it retreated far enough away for him to run for safety.

Knowing that vampires cannot enter a person’s home without invitation, the four ran to the Millers’ home above the pottery, and locked themselves in there. It was dark now, and the vampire could roam freely, so the group settled down for the night, having fed Kitiara, and tended her wounds. They were able to take her to the infirmary the next morning, when the sunlight forced the vampire to stay in the dark of the crypt.

Mistress Kitiara is believed to be making a good recovery.


Dart’s Occasional Dee Diary

I met her as I left the town, when she was coming in
strumming my lute and singing a song, happy with a grin.
“Please stop that noise” she said to me. Now is that nice, I ask?
And then she turned and spoke again and set me to a task.

“I need a guard! I must report, those merfolk cast a spell
and now I need to tell the law, point the way, prey tell.”
“They’re mostly out in search of those damn vampires (may they rot in hell!)”
and here I paused to think a while “But there is one we can tell.”

And so I led her to the mill, (where Richard lay asleep
trying to cure his troubled soul (oh don’t it make you weep!))
I introduced her to the guard who stands in watch all day
You know the one, Bob’s his name, who don’t have much to say.

Now I know the next is hard to believe, but I swear that it is true
she told her tale and though it’s odd, I tell it here to you.
“Those merfolk cast a spell on me and now I must relate
I actually like you humans! Yes, the one’s I ought to hate!”

Well I smiled and whispered then to Bob, leaning close to catch his ear
“The lady’s mad, but what’s to do? Just pretend you didn’t hear.”
“And what’s you name” I asked her when I knew she hadn’t said,
“It’s Julianna, if you really must know, or “your worst nightmare”. Then I fled!


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