Cryer Issue #131

Just arrived from craftsmen overseas, a granite memorial stone is to be erected on the green opposite the mill, where Jewel the unicorn is buried. Bearing the words “In memory of the Unicorn, Jewel, friend of Dee through many centuries, now departed and sorely missed”, the stone will stand for centuries to come – a tribute to a true champion of this Isle.
A spokesperson from the Queen’s Office told The Cryer, “I am sure Her Majesty Queen Jezia would have wanted to unveil this stone. It is very sad that she is unable to do so.” The queen remains in the deep sleep which has been upon her since Jewel’s death.


The body of a black horse has been found on the path to the abbey church. The poor creature seems to have been drained of blood. Anxious townsfolk are planning to take the corpse to the beach, there to cremate it.


Readers are advised to do all they can to protect themselves and their families from the lone vampire who stalks the Isle. Be aware that vampires cannot enter your home unless invited, however much they threaten you. Know too that garlic worn about the person will help to keep them away from you, and that they fear Christian crosses. They can be killed by wooden stakes or arrows through their hearts, or by prolonged exposure to daylight. All are advised to take maximum precautions with this foul creature at large.


Citizens are advised to prepare goods for transport, to collect expected cargo, or to journey on this ship should you have reason. It is not known how long it will be in harbour.


Now that we are blessed with the arrival of Master Lex and Miss Willow, skilled carpenter and blacksmith respectively, the people of Dee are advised that these crafts and services are once again available to us. Now is the time to have that bed repaired, the new sword made, a new door fitted, your horse shod. Go and meet these newcomers, and marvel at the quality of their work.

About Runa The Wild Elf

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