Cryer Issue #132

Master Lex, carpenter of Dee, has been commissioned by the Office of the Queen to make crosses to be provided free of charge to the people of Dee, to be used as defence against the vampire. Collect your cross from Lex at the carpenter’s shop by the river. Those intent on destroying the creature may wish to purchase a stout wooden stake from Lex, too.


Sirs, I am appalled by the carelessness with which you published my poem in a previous issue of The Cryer. Like you, I hope that it amused your readership, but, unlike you, I do not believe that it would not be read by some of the wyldlings. It is clear to me that they do keep abreast of human activity in Dee by reading this news sheet ~ some have even written in and had their letters published.

The poem was intended only for my wife, Rhea. It was not intended to be a public document, and it was reprehensible of Dart Chaffe to read it at the Bardic Circle. However, that was a relatively small group of individuals, and I trusted most of them not to make mention of it outside of that meeting. For you to publish it, though, ~ without my consent ~ is irresponsible beyond belief and acceptance. If there is any outcome from this which puts me or Rhea in danger from the violent wylds, I hope you are well prepared for any action taken against you.

Merthyn Vintner


Last evening, a group of townsfolk led by Minister Philippe Miller did drag the horse, disembowelled and drained of blood, to the beach of St Vitus village, and there did burn it, ridding the village of the stink, flies and maggots which were, after the two days it had lain there, a great nuisance. The Minister, having solicited the help of some visitors to Dee, additional to the townsfolk, thanked the group for their sterling efforts, and, it now being close to night time, all hurried to their homes in fear of the vampire.


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