Cryer Issue #133

Staff at the castle have reported noticing a shortage of eggs. At first it was thought that the hens had simply stopped laying, but now it appears that a hen has gone missing. Citizens are asked to watch out for the absent bird, in case she has wandered off and got lost; but also to watch for signs of pilferers around the castle, who may be involved in egg-stealing and now the crime of chicken theft, a serious matter indeed.

Another bird met its end violently, as reported by Goodwife Ginny Miller, when the vampire who has been terrorising the town took a duck from the pond and dispatched it violently, leaving it drained of blood.


Rumours are growing that perhaps there is a cover-up of the real events surrounding the disappearance of the Queen. It was reported by supposed eye-witnesses that she was found in an enchanted sleep, clutching a red rose; and remains now in that sleep, in her apartments, attended only by her personal servants and physician.

However, speculation grows among some that in the face of growing hostility from the wylds, and troubles from goblins, merfolk, and other beings, the Queen has in fact fled the Isle, back to the comfortable homeland from which she came. Others wonder if she is actually dead, perhaps murdered by enemies, and the castle authorities are covering this up in order to prevent panic. Suspicion has been cast upon the wylds, who have made no secret of their contempt for human civilisation, though they deny any knowledge of, or interest in the matter.

Meanwhile the Cora continues to be seen daily, mysteriously rowing into the town centre in a small boat, and putting something in the water in the pond, telling those who challenge her presence in town that it is none of their business, and implying that she is feeding the swans. The truth of that claim is not known.


Somebody came into me shop the other day and dropped a pot, a nice blue one, and left it smashed on the floor. I just want to say to any who come by the shop, I am glad for yer custom and glad for ye to look at the goods, but if ye drop it, ye really should leave the cost of it. Ye cannot melt pots down and reuse the clay, and glazes are costly – especially blue.

Thank you for yer kind consideration.

Ginny Miller, Potter


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