Cryer Issue #134 – Supplemental

In this edition of The Cryer, there was a misprint which we would like now to correct.

In the second paragraph of the first story, the text should read “Mistress VINTNER received treatment at the infirmary, and now has to use a stick to help her to walk, her ankle being thickly bandaged, and clearly very painful.”

We apologise to both of the ladies concerned.

Editor – The Cryer


The following documents have arrived at the office of The Cryer, making clear the details of the allegations of Dart Chaffe against Philippe Miller and Merthyn Vintner, and by Master Vintner against Chaffe.  Both documents are published here in full


Lotte Loening, (aka Lotte Chaffe)
did bite into a loaf of bread
for which she had intent to pay.
(Although that need not be said)

A stone in the aforementioned loaf
did make her tooth to break,
and cause such pain as can be described
as more than any mortal can take.

Said loaf was offered up as fare
at the Cock-a-Hoop in town
without a sign upon it saying
t’was a danger to one’s crown.

This bread has now alleged to come
from the miller Phillipe’s own mill,
then purchased by the tavern (see above)
for the town to eat their fill.

Before the court of justice in this amicable town of Dee
we, the undersigned do call upon the following parties.

To the Cock-a-Hoop for wrongfully inflicting pain and bother,
and Merthyn who does own the place and ought to have known better

And the Mill and Bakery for the self same offences, brought
specifically against Phillipe as owner (as a lesson needing taught.)

The sum we seek from each is no less than 4 meager golden coins
though should the court in it’s discretion give us more we won’t decline.
Plus of course the cost of bringing this here matter to the court,
(we all know how those barristers charge to write up every tort!)

signed:   Lotte Loening, as the damaged party
Dart Chaffe, as legal council to the damaged party


To Master Dart Chaffe and Lotte Chaffe, insofar as this may be allowed by her husband to relate to her…

I, Merthyn Vintner, being not a lawyer, nor much acquainted with the smaller details of the law of the land, do issue you with my statement of intent.

Rhea Vintner, my wife, did slip on the filth upon the ground about the lighthouse of Dee, and fall

it is your duty to keep said lighthouse clean, safe, and in working order

my wife’s fall did cause her both injury – namely a broken ankle – and considerable pain

before the court of justice in this town of Dee, we, the undersigned do call upon you, Master Dart Chaffe for carelessly neglecting your duties as lighthouse keeper of this Isle, and allowing such filth to collect upon the premises that it became an hazard to those who walk there, subsequently occasioning the fall and dire injury of Goodwife Rhea Vintner.

The recompense we seek is

a public admission of your wrongdoing
a public apology to Mistress Vintner for causing her suffering
a public apology to Minister Philippe Miller for failing in aspects of your job
a public undertaking that a further such breach of the trust of the people of Dee will be immediately followed by your resignation of the job…
…and further, by a beating from me which will be exempt from all punishment by law; for you are a thorn in our flesh, Master Chaffe, and this will not be allowed to continue.


Rhea Vintner,the damaged party
Merthyn Vintner, husband of the above


Single and married women come-together in the Thursdays evening for weaving, kitting, spinning and stitchery to spare candles and fire wood. They will enjoy light-ale, apple-cider and mead – and a good time without men!

Lady Elizabeth invites all women for a peaceful, relaxing time together. One wonders what secrets may be shared at such a women only meeting!


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