Cryer Issue #134

Lighthouse keeper, bard and tavern keeper, Dart Chaffe, has brought a law suit against Queen’s Minister, Philippe Miller, and against Master Merthyn Vintner. The suit is for compensation for his wife, Lotte, who is said to have broken a tooth last week, whilst eating bread at the Cock-a-Hoop. The charges are against Master Vintner for selling bread with a stone in it, and against the Minister for having baked said bread.

Meanwhile, rumours are heard that the vintner is to bring similar charges against Master Chaffe, for Goodwife Vintner did fall and break her ankle on Friday, whilst walking across the decking outside the lighthouse. She and Miss Yoko say that the surface was filthy dirty, and very slippery, causing Rhea to slip and fall, and causing the injury. Mistress Miller received treatment at the infirmary, and now has to use a stick to help her to walk, her ankle being thickly bandaged, and clearly very painful.


The lighthouse is further the subject of news today, in that large runes, believed to be elven characters, have appeared writ large on the side of the building. There is much speculation about their meaning, who drew them, and why. Town Guard Yoko did yesterday lead a group of townsfolk into the forest, with the hope of meeting with the Cora, and discovering what she knows about it.

However, the group – Yoko Yoko, newcomer Addy Aurora with her sister, Leah, and Rhea and Merthyn Vintner – had no success. Rhea could not complete the trip because of her injury, and she stopped, with Leah. The other three made some contact, but the elf queen was reluctant to meet with them, apparently because of the presence of the vintner, whom she seems to despise. Merthyn did leave the scene, with Addy, as night fell, and Yoko remained, contrary to their advice.

Nothing has been heard from this new, young guard since that time, and we await her report with interest.


The people of Dee will be pleased to hear of the enrolment into the Town Guard of miss Yoko, who has also taken up part-time work in the Cock-a-Hoop. Yoko comes to us with previous experience of military service, and she is a skilled fighter.

We welcome miss Addy Aurora, too, who has also taken up work at the tavern.


The vampire is still in Dee, and was encountered yesterday by the Aurora sisters, who had to flee to safety. The Cryer wishes to remind all readers to avail themselves of the wooden crosses being made by carpenter Lex, and to wear garlic bulbs about their persons. The vampire moves swiftly, and may attack at any time after dusk and before sunrise. Be on your guard!


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