Cryer Issue #135

Further mystery at the lighthouse came yesterday when a corpse was found, lying on barrels on the platform at the door to Dart Chaffe’s inn. It was discovered late yesterday by Minister Philippe Miller and his wife, Ginny, and Miss Cali, new to this town.

The body was in an advanced state of decomposition. Miss Loreena, healer of Dee, said that it is that of a woman, probably young, and that she died of wounds to the head, or the large wound to the chest, possibly caused by a sword.

A murder investigation was launched straight away, and anyone having any information which might lead to the identification of the victim, or the apprehension of her killer, should report to Minister Philippe or any of the Town Guard without delay.


The strange lexical characters which appeared on the wall of the lighthouse some days ago continue to be something of a mystery, although their meaning may now be known.

Town Guard Yoko’s visit to the Cora of the wylds revealed that the runes are not elven as previously suspected, and the elf queen maintained that they had not been written by any of her people. However, carpenter Lex, recently arrived on the Isle, has recognised the characters as being ancient Celtic, and, being translated, meaning, “Nice try, bard”, clearly a reference to lighthouse keeper Master Dart Chaffe.

The meaning of these words, and the writer of them, still has to be revealed.


Mistress Rhea Vintner has reported to The Cryer that, on two occasions, a large piece of raw, rotting meat has been left on the steps to her home. More recently, a basket of eggs has been left there, apparently perfectly edible, although the Vintners will not eat them to find out if they are.  There is some concern that they might have been stolen from the castle, or laid by the chicken which has disappeared from there. Merthyn asks that anyone who has any information about these “gifts” should speak with him as soon as possible.

The appearance of bloody handprints on a painting in the Vintner Gallery are not believed to be connected with these incidents, and are thought to me more likely to be caused by the vampire, who still lurks in the town.


…to Miss Geitla, who has just moved into Dee, and is opening a saddlery and leatherworks in the town. We trust she will settle in quickly, and we look forward to getting to know her ~ and to buying her goods!


The current guest exhibition of works by Serafin Galli ~ excellent pictures of the Isle of Dee ~ will come to an end in two weeks’ time, so make time to visit soon, if you’ve not already seen it. Resident artists Rhea and Merthyn have also recently changed their displays, both there and in their small gallery under their home. If there are other artists in Dee who would like to display their work, please see Merthyn or Rhea.



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