Cryer Issue #136

This morning, Miss Loreena, healer of Dee, lies in hospital without sight. Standing in town yesterday evening, talking with Master and Mistress Miller, and Master Vintner, Loreena suddenly felt faint, and nearly collapsed. Taken to a bench to sit down, she then found herself unable to see, and the Millers hurried to take her to the infirmary.

Loreena herself says she has never before come across such a condition as this. The only thing which she considered significant is that she was gathering berries earlier in the day, and that the blindness may be attributable to these.

A call has gone out for others with healing gifts to come to the aid of Loreena.


While Miss Loreena was being cared for by the Millers, a stranger stood at a distance and watched the scene, making inappropriate comments. This became so tiresome that Master Vintner went to the man and challenged his behaviour. The man was somewhat offensive, and refused to take himself elsewhere, calling the scene he had just witnessed his “show”. However, both men started to relax a little as time passed, and their conversation became more amicable.

The stranger introduced himself as Riven, only recently arrived in Dee, and looking for employment. Master Vintner reports to The Cryer that, upon their parting, he felt rather less uncomfortable about the man, and believes that the friction between them may have been due to cultural and language differences.


Following days of thefts of hens and eggs from the castle, a rooster has also now disappeared. Townsfolk are asked to report to the Guard or the Minister if they know the details of any of these disappearances.


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