Cryer Issue #138

Master Lex Zimmer reports that Master Riven visited his carpentry shop last night. He wasn’t pleased to see him because of the way he had acted the previous night to Cora Runa and the other women present. The conversation was informal but then he became strange – stranger, that is. His voice changed to something that was very evil sounding, and he talked about horrific tortures and such that he’s seen. Then, just as fast, his voice returned to normal and he didn’t seem to recall the conversation he’d been having or to notice that he’d just seemed possessed. It is suggested that perhaps he needs an exorcism.

Two posters have been put up on the walls of the bath house, depicting a pig, and with the words “I am Philippe Minister of the city Dee.” Nearby was a live pig, but with pools of blood around it. There is no suggestion as to who might be responsible for either of these phenomena.
While some might assume this is the work of some wyldlings, this seems unlikely, since the wylds are friends of animals, and probably like pigs more than they like Minister Philippe. If they had created the poster, it would be paying him a compliment, not an insult, and this seems very unlikely. A human culprit is implicated, then, but there are no clues as to who it might be.

Well they finally moved the corpse away
and none to soon, I’ll clearly say!
The smell was such I could but fail
to enjoy my daily tankard of ale.

Well, “daily” may not be the word
but you get my drift. Oh! and have you heard?
That Yoko guard is inves-tigating
Now ’twill never be solved. How irritating!

And while we are on the subject today
of irrational examples of childish play,
why DID she dive in the cold cold sea
when I told here there was nothing at all to see?

I know! ’twas to cool off her anger’s peak
when the bard looks over her head to speak.
Did it work? I doubt it, but it angered the mer
to find humans in there midst, and especially her!

Oh well, better her than Philippe for sure
at least her intentions are mostly pure.
She tries her best, that we can all agree
only stature is lacking, and a-bil-i-ty!


About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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