Cryer Issue #139

A distraught Merthyn and Rhea Vintner came late to our offices yesterday to report that they had witnessed a meeting of mer and wyld creatures in which there was talk of an alliance between them against the humans of Dee.

The Vintners’ suspicions were aroused when a pack of wyldlings, including their Cora, marched boldly, armed, through the town, and out through the village to the beach by the lighthouse. Rhea and Merthyn followed at a distance, and hid themselves behind a sand dune where they could witness the proceedings. Two mermaids were present, two pixies, a garou and the Cora elf, perhaps more. Little was heard of their conversation, but there was specific mention of an accord between the two groups against the humans of this Isle.

It was not long before the Vintners were spotted, and the meeting was moved to another location.


There has been another turn in the mystery of the “pig posters” which depict Queen’s Minister Philippe as a pig. Upon closer inspection, it was seen that each poster bore the name of Merthyn Vintner in the bottom right corner, as if it were the signature of the painter. This said, it is clearly not Merthyn’s normal signature as seen on his many paintings in the Vintner Gallery and the Town Hall.

An angry Merthyn pulled the pictures down from the wall of the bath house, watched by Ginny Miller, and he and Rhea burned them in the furnace at the smithy. It seems that Dart Chaffe now became prime suspect for this offence, and that he did it to try to bring further trouble upon Master and Mistress Vintner. The thought that it might have been a prank by a pixie was dismissed some days ago when it was realised that creatures of the wylds are friends of all animals – and indeed, in theory, of all humans, since they believe them, too, to be “children of Gaia” – and would not use an image of a pig in a derogatory way.

A later encounter between Master Chaffe and Goodwife Vintner found Dart being very defensive with regard to the accusation, and also turning it around, accusing the Vintners of having perpetrated the deed in order to bring his name into disrepute. The matter becomes even more complicated and mysterious when one considers that, shortly after a heated argument between Dart and Rhea, a third pig poster was seen, high up on the wall of the Town Hall, in a place where no human could put it without the use of ladders, which use, surely, would have been seen by townsfolk.


Be it known that many of the people of Dee intend this day to hunt, trap and kill the vampire who has been terrorising the land these past weeks. There have been a number of attempts by several small groups, but it is now felt that a concerted effort is needed. All able-bodied citizens are to listen for word of mouth to spread about the timing and gathering of this group, and to join it without delay. Be armed with garlic, a cross and your best weapon, for today the vampire must die.


We welcome back to Dee one-time cooper of this town, Master Guthrig and his lady, Dorcis. They have been travelling, and have tales to tell of this, and we wish them well as they settle back in to the town. It is hoped that Guthrig will continue his previous trade.


Miss Yoko wishes to endorse the work of Miss Geitla, saddler and leather worker of this town. She says, “ Yesterday I bought a magnificent cape from Geitla’s shop. The cape was so beautifully designed and she skillfully changed it up to fit my body! I highly recommend going to her for all your clothing and leather needs! She is by far, the most skilled tailor I have ever been to, fit to craft the clothes for nobles!”

Thank you, Miss Yoko, for this recommendation!


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