Cryer Issue #140

While details are as yet scant, it is confirmed that the vampire, who has been terrorising the people of Dee for some weeks, is now dead. At a time when the humans were planning to hunt and kill the beast, the wyldlings took action and pursued her through the forest and into the old castle, there to fight with her and, finally, to kill her.

Mistress Ginny Miller had been walking along the west shore yesterday evening with her husband, Philippe, and had heard a disturbance in the forest. Not wishing to endanger themselves, they proceeded no further, but, hours later at dawn, Ginny returned alone to the spot, where she saw the vampire leave the castle, pursued by the wyldlings. The vampire seemed to be weakened, and the wyld creatures surrounded her, intent on killing her.

At that moment, the vampire Keri arrived at great speed and tried to persuade Cora Runa not to kill the female, saying that he would be able to turn her, to change her nature so that she would no longer be a threat to anyone. His pleas were ignored, however, and the pixie Canned drove a wooden stake into the vampire’s heart, whereupon she burst into flames, and died.

I am sure that the human population of Dee would wish to join with The Cryer in thanking Cora Runa and her people for ridding us all of this awful blood-sucking creature.


An infestation of beetles has meant that the Isle will have no bread for some time, until grain can be ordered and brought from the mainland. Ginny Miller noticed the beetles when she went to the bakery to clean, and further investigation revealed that they had got into all the grain, flour, and even the previous day’s bread.

“It took an age to clean up,” Goodwife Miller reported, “though a kind stranger happened by to help me, and him in armour and all. Made a good battle of it, he did. But all the grain will have to go for animal feed, unless we can pick it all over, and the flour be cooked up for the pigs too. The birds will eat the old bread as usual, I suppose, and get extra nourishment from them bugs. But the people will go hungry for a bit. And we will have no flour for the tavern supplies either.”

Ginny also commented that the sheer number of beetles, and the speed with which they arrived seemed unnatural, as she cleans every day and hadn’t noticed any grubs. Could this have been sabotage, we ask: revenge of the werewolf recently imprisoned at the mill; or was it a magical manifestation of some kind? We will, as ever, report all developments as they happen.


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