Cryer Issue #141

Rat in the Kitchen! – Cali

I was in the tavern having a conversation with Riven and Pippa when a large white rat snuck in and started eating the apples. I went to get myself an apple, and saw it. Then Pippa and I started chasing it around the tavern, while Riven tried defending the thing. He said it was cute.

Pippa and I chased it into a corner, but it got away and started scaring the horses. I ran out, Pippa and Riven followed. It hid somewhere around the stables, but we never found it there. I had to go back to the tavern and throw out the apples the little beast got into, and after I did that, it reappeared.

This time I drew my dagger, and after chasing it for a little while, I finaly managed to stab it. I made the mistake of throwing it on the fire, so the tavern had an unpleasent smell for a while, but it will air out rather quickly. It was just a little rat.


Beware, beware,  beltane is coming
End of this moon, Don’t go in the forest don’t speak of the fae or they will get you. heed the saga, Heed them all  and tell your children and all who do not know!

scholar of the Druid ways of dee


The winds and storms which surround the isle have brought a new couple to our shores.  William and Mary can be found in the tavern on most days.  Be sure to stop by and say hello.  You never know what sort of information they’ll have to share with you.  ((Click on them to get random comments))



It has been brought to our attention that there is a male vampire that claims to work at the Cock and Hoop Tavern.  He was met with friendliness by the half blind guard Webnix.  Perhaps the guard is not familiar with the fact that vampires suck human blood in order to stay alive?  The guard was quoted to say “He has done nothing that warrants me to kill him”

Well, there you have it citizens.  A perfect example of how well the Guards wish to protect the city.


Speaking of the half blind guard, he has broken his ankle and it is somehow the fault of the carpenter, Lex.


A bill has been submitted to the city by the carpenter for the repairs to the stable doors.  One horse and a cow have been rounded up but there are still some animals missing.  If you find them, please bring them back to their home.  Also, if you have information as to how these damages occurred, please contact the Cryer immediately.  Was it the vampire’s doing?  Did Lex just need more paid work?  Time will tell.


Reporters are needed!!!
Anyone can submit news to the Cryer or perhaps you’d like to have a weekly column about recipes, or various goings on.  Become a reporter with us and link yourself to the fame of the published ones.  Drop your submissions into any of the boxes located around the city and our paper boy will collect them on his rounds.  Thank you!


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