Cryer Issue #142

Eggs have been stolen from the castle again, among them a clutch that was left in the henhouse to be hatched by the mother in order to increase the chicken population. Anyone seen acting suspiciously in the castle courtyard should be reported to the guards. Thank you.

Signed – Castle staff


I have been cleaning up rat droppings from all over the place these past few days. It does seem to me that people need to be watching out for them creatures and cleaning up after them or goodness only knows what diseases may be spreading, dirty creatures that they are.

Also, ye may like to know that the mill is going again, and I have baked up some muffins and a bit of bread, which are available at the bakery.

Ginny Miller


Open letter in response to the Scroll on the tavern wall by Web.

To Web and for all to read.

Since ye wrote your letter addressed to all who read it, I am answering it in the paper so all can see me thoughts.

We do not fear everything, and certainly not our own shadows, foolish man. For meself, I don’t fear the wylds either. I am suspicious that they do not want the best for us, and would prefer it if we did not live upon this Isle, and I know that they do not understand us, but all that is because of what I have seen and heard and experienced – which you have not, for you have only just come among us. And I respected them just fine until they turned nasty and aggressive, and starting abusing us and calling us rats. I never disrespected their home, and still do not, for the world is my home too. All the plants and trees, creatures and seas are part of my world as much as theirs, but they treat me as if I don’t belong in the world and will somehow make it dirty and soil the water. And I have been told by one of them of how we tear down forests to build buildings and walls. But that is not the truth, for there used to be a building by the docks which was torn down to let the forest spread, and when a part of the city wall fell, it was not rebuilt, but the plants were allowed to grow.

Ye say that we are conniving, back stabbing… and that we lie and cheat and steal to get what we want. Well if that’s the only sort of people you know, I am sorry for you. Most people are good, and kind, and honest, and would certainly not go killing people out of boredom as ye say. It is sad that the people you know have brought you round to hating your own kind. I hope ye will meet better people in the future.

I cannot speak for the vampire at the tavern, for I do not know of any threat from him, but only that he told me he has reasons why he cares for humans. If the butcher gives him blood, then that is fine and good. I don’t even know what ye mentioned him for. I saw him treating an injured guard in the hospital, and he was most kind and gentle.

As for the werewolf – ye may be right, if he has changed his ways. I suppose ye were not here when he was keeping captives in his cave and torturing them, or threatening the village and demanding taxes – and all that while in human form. But ye need to be careful if ye capture him, for he was captive for a long time but still gives in to the beast it seems, and has shown himself to be incurable.

Tis good that ye will protect people ye respect and love, but it is nothing special, for everyone cares for them they love. It takes more mettle to be a guard and protect them who ye don’t necessarily like, for the sake of values and freedom. So it is good that ye gave up guarding.

And if ye wish to know more of why I say what I say, then ye may seek me out too.

Ginny Miller


Well that is some strange thing that I heard from a pixie. She told me the butcher of the city has been brought to the Fae Cave in poor feverish state, throwing up and stinking horrible. They held him and forced something into his throat and then a tile jumped off him that bounced and twitched around on the floor, then changed color and became a black rotten piece of meat. I asked how the butcher felt after that but she only giggled and flew off.. so ..maybe they killed him and ate his heart?

Miss Esmeralda


WARNING:  There is a wounded baby bear in the woods.  It is unknown if the mother is close by.  We’d like all citizens to remain out of the woods until further notice.  The elves are caring for the bear but it is aggressive due to its wounds.  Do not take matters into your own hands.  The Wyldings know how to handle the creature and are protecting it from other predators.
– Cryer Reporter



There is tragic news to report this week.  As many of you know, the Vintner’s left on a ship last week.  Upon the arrival of Lex’s return, he reported having seen the ship not far off the coast.  It appears the ship was attacked though we don’t know why.  He is quoted in saying “It was still burning and there were bodies strewn across the deck, dead.  The captain did not wish to risk the lives of his crew to investigate it further.  We pulled alongside and called out for any survivors, but there was no answer.”

He also mentioned that the ship he boarded to return to the Isle of Dee was coming here to “pick up someone important”.  This raises the curiosity of the Editor as to “what” level of importance this person might be.  Someone wanted for past crimes?  Mercenaries come to hunt down a Vampire or Lycan?  Perhaps it’s of political importance and has to do with the Queen?  You can be assured that as soon as information is available to us at the Cryer, we will keep the good citizens of Dee informed.

Weekly Events
Bardic in the Walled City
Every Monday, 1pm SLT on the Tree Stump Stage by the castle

Women ( gossips and rumors) Weaving Guild
Every Thursdays, 2:00pm SLT in the St. Vitus Abbey Guesthouse Kitchen

Sangen ten’Am en Lina ( To gather for Tale and Song)
Every Wednesday 1pm SLT at the camp fire by the old castle


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