Cryer Issue #137

Two chickens, presumed to be some of those missing from the castle, were found by Miss Cali early this morning, pecking the ground outside the Vintner home. Locals have started to ask if Merthyn and Rhea had themselves stolen them, and several folk have reported seeing a basket of eggs on their steps, and wondered if those, too, had been stolen by them.

When questioned by The Cryer, Master Vintner was most indignant, and has issued this statement.

“I speak for Rhea as well as for myself when I say how wounded we are to hear that anyone in Dee would suspect us of theft. We had hoped that we had a better reputation than that, and we see no reason why people would think us capable of such a crime. I would like to point out that the chickens could easily have made their own way here in the time since they went missing. If I had, indeed, stolen them and put them on the grass outside our home, I am sure that they would not have felt compelled to stay there, but would wander off, as fowl do. Furthermore, if I had stolen them, then I most certainly not have been simple-minded enough to put them out on public display, or where they could simply have strutted away to some other part of the Isle.

I do not deny that there was a basket of eggs on my step. It was foolish of me to leave them there, but I was reluctant to touch them at all, in the light of the two occasions when rotting meat was left on our steps. I feared that touching them might cause something unpleasant to happen. Had I not had that anxiety, I would have taken them to the palace straight away. As it was, I took the basket and threw the lot on a fire.

Before questioning the integrity of Rhea and myself, I would like the people of Dee to consider who otherwise might be responsible for these outrages. Who would be most able to come by a side of meat? – not neatly butchered, I point out, but torn off the animal. And who would be most likely to put it where it would offend Rhea and me? My thinking is led to the garou, who are known to bear us a grudge, and who are fierce hunters in their lupine form. Who would try to implicate us in the theft of chickens and eggs? Again, I cannot avoid suspecting wyldlings, all of whom share that grudge.

I do not know what Rhea and I might do which will improve people’s apparent poor opinion of us, but I trust that the ultimate apprehension of this criminal will put their minds at rest that we did not commit this offence at least.”


You will have noticed the town beginning to smell rather unpleasant… burning corpses, a decaying body, blood and dirt… and some of us just have not had the time to wash it all out of our hair and off our skin. Some will no longer swim in the stream, for fear of whatever it might be that the elf is putting into it.

Now is the time to change this! Queen’s Minister Philippe has decreed that there shall be a bath party tomorrow, Sunday April 8th at 1:00pm. This sill be a time to cleanse our bodies, but to relax, too; to enjoy each other’s company, to eat, drink and dance. There will be towels for all, sponges and brushes. The massage tables will be available for use. This is a time to indulge ourselves! Clothing is optional, and suitable attire for the bath will be available for those of a more bashful nature.

Be there – you will be glad!


One Master Riven has arrived in town, and has taken a shop from which to run his butcher’s business. Please make him welcome (but ladies, take care!), and see Riven for the supply of all of your meat.



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