Women ( Story ) Weaving

ImageEvery Thursday 2pm SLT – all free and married women are invited to come to the Abbey Kitchen for some medieval traditional (story)weaving.

In the day-to-day reality of things, Medieval women had a lot of responsibility. Most worked and did not stay at home, contrary to some modern beliefs.

Occupations held by medieval women included shopkeepers, bakers, spinners, alewives (those that brewed ale), farmers, and silk weavers. There were even some women writers. Being a spinner was the most common occupation. Women spent much of their time spinning wool into coarse thread, then weaving it into cloth and making garments that were needed by all.

Single and married women used to come-together in the evenings after they day to day work for weaving, kitting, spinning and stitchery to spare candles and fire wood.

Along that tradition the Isle of Dee offers another chance for sharing tale and gossip, like in old times.


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3 Responses to Women ( Story ) Weaving

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  3. isleofdee says:

    This event is vacant for a dedicated host.
    – time and date adjustable –

    Active playing in the community
    Drama free, mature personality
    100 % reliable
    appropriate RP experience
    Human Character

    You don’t need to have perfect knowledge about medieval women gilds. The RP is about a social get together mainly. Using goggle as knowledge base is valid.


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