Cryer Issue #143


In a shock turn last night servants and guards at the castle watched as the Minister, Philippe Miller, carried the queen from her bed to the docks, to a waiting boat, to take her from the Isle on the next tide. His wife Ginny was seen remonstrating with him, furious at this turn of events. He was heard to say that it was the only way, his responsibility was to protect and preserve the royal line, and since there was no help to be found in Dee a cure must be found elsewhere.

Though she struggled to speak of it, Ginny managed to tell this reporter that she did not know when or even whether the minister would be back, and muttered about the queen stealing him away from her. Our sympathy goes out to Goodwife Miller in her loss.

We must all hope that the guards and Alderman of Dee will rise to the task of caring for the land in this time of uncertainty.


Dart’s Occasional Dee Diary

When the fog had finally lifted off the coast of Dee today
he could see the reef far distant, where the bones of ships do lay.
Where the Vintner’s ship did founder, laying bare their wares and souls
to such passing foul-mouthed pirates who might see them on the shoals.

And “Why” you ask would this gods allow to be, with all their might?
And “Where” you want to know was Dart the lighthouse man that night?
Well as to gods you’ll have to ask directly, if they’ll hear,
but Dart allowed the light go out to repair a faulty gear.

And why of all the nights and days he could have done this task
did he decide this foggy night the time had come at last?
He has no proper answer for to salve his conscience clear
only that he wishes it were not so, and the Vintners lived their years.

For, you see although he did not always share their point of view
or appreciate the ale they served in the tavern (such foul brew!)
he never would have wished their fate, not in a million years
and to think it now is quite enough to bring the bard to tears.


Re Tel Coia – Day of Life

Traditional seasonal Celebration Day if the Wylds.
The Tribe of the Children of Gaia sit in attendance of those  who have grievances and other issues.
Petitions the Cora can be made, small gifts for the tribe should be brought.
The Tribe Council then judges those issues an declare the outcome of their judgments.

Once all petitioners have come before the tribe council and all issues have been addressed, the tribe assembles once more for a closing ceremony, wherein a final blessing of the Mother is invoked.

Traditionally, following the closing of the day, the tribe retires to enjoy themselves as a group, in a fine festival and revelry commemorating the coming together of all the varied groups that comprise the tribe.

The End of Day Celebration – The Tribe gathers in a convenient location and eats, drinks, and is merry. The Day has ended and all judgments have been given.  Old grievances have been closed, and those who may have had issues with each other are encouraged to let go of any old grudges and enjoy a good time with the others.


Saturday the 5th of May, around 2 pm slt
We gather at the ancient circle

– the gifts for the tribe are to be roleplayed , no real gifts ( though feel free :D)
– the offerings to the mother will be provided
– Be welcome to join even if you have no issues to bring to the tribe attention
– Though the ceremony is a pure Faction Event, visitors from other Factions are welcomed.
– We ask each  to help make this event a success- refrain from unrelated RP actions until after the closing ceremony
– its a good idea to dress ceremonial. Its a BIG event of the year for the Hini Tel’kemen’Fae



As reported last week, we said we’d keep you informed of the latest news.  It is the wish of the editor that a cure be found for the Queen but one does wonder what will become of the affairs of the city.  As the reporter says… “Will Dee rise to the task of caring for the land?”  Time will tell.

Weekly Events
Bardic in the Walled City
Every Monday, 1pm SLT on the Tree Stump Stage by the castle

Women ( gossips and rumors) Weaving Guild
Every Thursdays, 2:00pm SLT in the St. Vitus Abbey Guesthouse Kitchen

Sangen ten’Am en Lina ( To gather for Tale and Song)
Every Wednesday 1pm SLT at the camp fire by the old castle


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