Cryer Issue #144


Saddened as I am by the sudden departure of the Minister, Philippe Miller, I felt it my duty to announce the intention to resign by Dart, the probationary lighthouse keeper. He had intended for me to hand the resignation letter to the Minister, which alas, I could not on time. Here are the contents of said letter:

“To Minister Philippe

I must offer my resignation as keeper of the Lighthouse.

Because I was working on the gear that was failing on the foggy night the Vintners sailed.  I fear I am responsible for their ship floundering on the shoal and becoming easy prey for pillage and their demise.,……..


I fully support this man’s offer to resign as I found him, during the course of our interaction, to be emotionally unfit for duty. I pray to St Vitus that he will provide us with a more suitable replacement.<

Signed – “Father Andrew”


The grizzly cub within the forest has finally begun to eat more than the berries provided for him..Fish was laid before him in an attempt to expand his diet and introduce new foods in the absense of a mother to show him the way of the wylds.  Garou Mortar and her sister Dana did gut the aforementioned fish (one with her teeth and the other with a dagger) and set this mess of entrails near the cub who scented them immediately and began to eat  hungrily.
To all humans, a warning …heed well..this bear is a danger to all who think to stroll within the forest at any time of day or night  This cub is protected by wylds and we do not wish any harm to either it or a human foolish enough to encounter it.

Signed – Mortar Oyen..Kemen’Fae Taurtir


Let it be known that Father Andrew has left as swiftly as he had came, leaving behind his disciple, Calvin to continue his work here in the abbey..<

Signed – “St Vitus Abbey”



Dear Sir Dart
I do not know whether you read this public petition, and I am merely one humble person with no say, but hope you take my words to your heart and consider them well. All Dee knows, you would not do a thing without payment, but they say, in a hard shell can be a soft core. Please go on caring for the light at the light house. You did it all the time since I can remember and imagine all the poor ones that maybe now are lost out there on sea, who would maybe die without your light guiding them. They say you feel guilty for the death of the good people, but maybe they are not dead, who can say without finding them or hear about.


Donkey Found

The stubborn thing has been hard to convince, but now I brought it to the Village farm. It ate a good number of the abbey flowers and herbs, and if someone knows who the owner of that stubborn donkey is, please inform me, Esmeralda of the Abbey of St Vitus. I also want to remind all the good women of the City and Village, free or married, to come to our weekly thursday eve gathering in the Abbey kitchen. Next time we make pancakes. Please bring eggs, Milk and flour. Apples we have.



All concerned citizens are requested to make their suggestions or grievances known at the meeting on Tuesday at 1:30 PM (SLT).  It will be held at the Castle.  Ladies, feel free to bring refreshments.



As was mentioned in the previous version of the Cryer, the Fae had their festival this past weekend.  Rumors range from “delightful time” to “I was a little scared”.  Yet, no one would go on record as to what caused these reactions.  If YOU have something you’d like others to know, send it to the Cryer immediately.


The Cryer wishes to inform you that we WILL have a reporter at the town meeting tomorrow.  Rest assured that you will get all the facts in case you are not able to attend.  But honestly…. isn’t this meeting KIND of important and shouldn’t YOU be there?  We will be accepting your rebuttals, comments, pleas or anything else you wish be known.

Weekly Events
Bardic in the Walled City
Every Monday, 1pm SLT on the Tree Stump Stage by the castle

Women ( gossips and rumors) Weaving Guild
Every Thursday, 2:00pm SLT in the St. Vitus Abbey Guesthouse Kitchen

Sangen ten’Am en Lina ( To gather for Tale and Song)
Every Wednesday 1pm SLT at the camp fire by the old castle



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