Cryer Issue #145


Tempers grew heated at the meeting in the castle to decide how to proceed with the running of the city in the queen’s absence.

The meeting began with the discovery of a letter lying on top of the Alberic crown inside its case. The letter was written on strange thick parchmentlike paper in loopy letters, just about legible. It read:

“To the round  humans of the Island of Dee,
I clam this crown, not for me, nor my tribe and cora but for mother goddess Gaia and sister Selene.
Under her guideing to bring peace harmony and prosperity to nature and create a  place where  you can live free and safe.
We all could live there in peace and safety  if you except a Dark Pixie to guide you.

Canned Maeg’ooma,
Druid of the Hini tel’kemen’Fea,
Servant of my Goddess Gaia and Selene”

Following the reading of the letter, which aroused some derision from certain townfolk,  the Alderman, Steve Zodi, tried to lay out the need to appoint persons to assist and join in the work of administration which has been left in his hands. This was greeted by much protest, and much criticism of the queen, minister and guards, which was not well received by certain others present. As the Alderman tried to make progress, arguments broke out and tempers ran high, as certain people made it clear that they had no confidence in the guards or Alderman and sought to elect a council.  However, agreement could not be reached over how or indeed whether this should be done, and the meeting broke up with much rancour from the protestors, while the Alderman kept a calm composure and a cool temper in the face of his critics. His final statement, missed by those who left early in anger, was to the effect that:

“I wish to fight for the good of Dee, not for monarchy, but for people to live in peace and good terms, to build something where everyone feels at ease and not dictated to, like (those critics) clearly try to do. I will now, with sadness, try to build a structure without their help since they already throw rocks at us….”

He promised another meeting very soon, to try once more to find those who would help in the running of the city.

It is to be wondered – if we could live in peace and safety if we accept a Dark Pixie to rule us, does that suggest that we CANNOT expect peace and safety if we REFUSE such rule? A threat from the wylds?



I was standing wondering at the tavern being all boarded up when I found the vampire, Keriandal, standing behind me. I was not worried at first, for he has told me before that he has reason to care for humans, and besides I saw him looking after Yoko when she was wounded. But he was nervous and angry about the tavern being closed. He forced his way in through the window and found there was no spirit left, and told me drinking whisky is the only way he can make himself drink animal blood instead of human. So I ran to the lighthouse to see if there was any strong drink there, but there was only a jug of rum, and  I do not know how old it was. I persuaded him to go to see, thinking to run home while he was gone, but then found the guard, Delice. She confronted him when he came back and he settled down a bit, but ye should be warned, he may have become unpredictable. So if anyone has any strong drink in their homes, it may be good to offer some to the vampire, until the tavern is up and running again, or else stay home and take precautions against vampires.

Ginny Miller



Please continue to support the guest Artist, BaliMoon, at the town hall till the end of the month. It is a dynamic exhibition, so there will be new pictures from time to time.


Hereby, we of the Hini Tel’kemen’Fae want to officially thank all those friends and good willed guests that joined us at the Re Tel Coia. We thank you for attending, for making the event a success and for their faith in us and respect for our ways. It is notable that intruders, despite best efforts,  have not been able to effectively disturb the celebrations and this was only possible due to everyones trust in our skills and experience.
Na’Aman Atara, coi-an
Runa Tel’taur, Cora Tel’Hini Tel’kemen’Fae, Tari tel’elderlie,  Atara Yaara’tel’Merka


I found a half cheese and a smaller peice lying where someone dropped them, and that made me wonder, so I went to look at the castle market stall. No cheese! And it does seem to me that the produce there has gone down quicker than normal, so I went to see the castle kitchen staff. The cook told me that food has been stolen from the kitchen there too, but not the eggs, for a change. No, the eggs, they have just all turned bad before they could even be collected. They even checked the ones that the poor hen was sitting on, and they had gone bad too. Poor mother hen, sitting there for nothing. It does seem to me that that must be the work of magic, by someone who means people no good, for that is just not natural. Seems someone tries to starve us out, or at least gain power over us. I keep saying it, but no one seems able to hear.

Ginny Miller


Dear friends and customers,

I lay alone in me bed last night thinking, and decided that I was wrong to let Philippe go without me, but we had such a fight that day I was too angry to see clearly. I see now that he was only doing what he thought was his duty in trying to help the queen, and so I have decided to go and find him, whatever that takes, for I am his wife first, and a potter after.

So I bid you farewell for now, and I hope ye will live long, safe and happy in Dee. Mayhap one day we will return, but till then, I will think of you often.

With best wishes from

Ginny Miller


To the Editor,

I am certain you have received the notes of the meeting held this week in the Castle regarding the current structure of politics within the City of Dee.  While I’m certain the information is factual, it is probably biased and I would like to state a few of my own observations.

I am new to the isle and the Queen, I’m sure, was a well loved Queen in order to have gained such respect and adoration from her subjects.  She had people that she trusted to help her with decisions, although she was the final say in all things.  As a monarchy, this is typical.  However, while she lay in her sleep state – which would be the time during my arrival and some time before as well – Her Minister and Alderman were rarely seen around the city.  Very little information was given regarding the affairs of the city, the laws, the hierarchy.  I’d only met the men a few times and while they seemed like pleasant folk, I do not have enough knowledge of them to say I would want them as my sole Ruler.

I proposed, during the meeting, that we elect a council to run the city so that no ONE person would have the authority over all.  Of the seven people present, four wished to have a council and three did not.   You’d think that the most basic of rulers would see that a majority of the people wanted a council.  It was over ruled by the alderman who held fast to his post as sole ruler and tried to accuse me of an attempt to take power for myself.  I don’t see how seeking a council of three, not EVEN wanting to put my name in the running, makes me appear to seek power for myself.

Let it also be noted that the Minister sent word for a ship, a friend of his, to come and get he and the Queen.  Why did he not hold a meeting while waiting for that ship to arrive?  Why did he not mention to anyone his plans and instead only leave a letter upon his departure?  Even the alderman seemed surprised at the turn of events and it wasn’t until I called a town meeting that he showed up again.

My sincere wish is that Steve, the alderman, will live up to his word and restore the city in this time of loss.  However, I have moved my shop to the St Vitus village to avoid any more insinuations of seeking power.  My services are still available to those in the City of Dee.

Lex, the carpenter.



It has been brought to the attention of many that there are some hungry people in the city.  Stealing to stay alive.  Do we imprison them when found or give them a good meal?  It will be interesting to see how the Alderman handles such a sticky situation.


I have nothing to add to Lex’s letter to the editor as it would just be one other biased opinion.  Instead, I beseech you to read both reports of the meeting and talk to the citizens for yourself to see where you’ll stand.  And then send the report to the cryer so all may know.


It is with sadness that we bid a final farewell to Ginny.  We wish you the best of luck in your travels and hope that St Vitus will protect you and bring you joy in your life.

Weekly Events
Bardic in the Walled City
Every Monday, 1pm SLT on the Tree Stump Stage by the castle

Women ( gossips and rumors) Weaving Guild
Every Thursday, 2:00pm SLT in the St. Vitus Abbey Guesthouse Kitchen

Sangen ten’Am en Lina ( To gather for Tale and Song)
Every Wednesday 1pm SLT at the camp fire by the old castle

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