Cryer Issue #147

Bardic Circle, Monday 1pm SLT
This week’s theme is “Food”, but feel free to bring any poem, song or story.
Or,  just come and relax by the Big Tree Stump.


Today at the Bardic Circle, Delice suggested a plan that she thinks will solve Dee’s hunger problems. She suggests that whatever food we obtain be dried and salted to last longer, then it all be piled in the cell by the town gates and locked away so that no one would steal it. Delice of course volunteered herself to be the keeper of the key to the food, and says she will provide the people of Dee with what they need to survive.

I must ask: Is this a sound plan? Is it really wise to leave one person in charge of the supply of food for the whole town? Handing over too much power to one person can corrupt event the purest of hearts, and a mother has enough trouble feeding one or two children. How much trouble would it be for one woman to feed an entire town? While her intentions are for the good of the people, her plan might need to be thought through just a little more.


Dart’s Occasional Dee Diary

Drifting in the rowboat
baited hook below,
our bard tries hard to stay afloat
and not let his worries show.

“What will I do if they don’t bite?
And what will be for dinner?
Will Dexter starve again tonight
and can he get much thinner?”

Just then a tug upon the line
tell’s Dart there’s fish below!
He lifts the rod to set the hook,
but he is much too slow.

“Oh DAMN” he swears and “DAMN” again
“I’d better concentrate!
If I come back with no fish tonight
I’ll have to eat the plate!”


I wers layin under a tree yezdersday, you knowz, relaxisizin out ner where dem
elves and such do what dem elves and such do. I seen deez two hoomans shakin
a nut tree and scoopin the nutz up an puttin dem in her skirt like it was a baskit!
One of dem was dat crazy hooman who sinz a lot, and der female hooman was
dat one  what makez dem breads in town. Dey ran away quick but der waz
dis dragon what was folerin dem when dey left. I hope deyz not in truble!

I was sposed to be pickin berryz stead er layin down, so I cant tell youz my name
or der mizzez will be real mad!




Your plan has failed. Whether it was grace or stupidity that led to the escape, your captive now runs free. No one will hear her screams, but everyone will hear her story. How do I know? Because it’s my story, and I will not remain silent.
It is true that many humans would choose to preserve themselves rather than saving those in need. But without cowards there would be no heroes.
I do not know whether I should call you a coward, or just plain sick. I did nothing to provoke you, yet you, being the monster you are, took me as prisoner. You stole my clothing, and tied me to a pole. You treated me as a piece of meat, cutting through my flesh and licking the blood that ran down. And when I spoke, I suffered more.
What led you to do it? I cannot understand. I did nothing to you, yet you treated me worse than humans treat criminals. Beware. If I ever see you again, I will not make the mistake of letting my guard down. You better hope we don’t meet again S. Next time, it will be far less amusing for you.

Signed by


The lack of food has the city trying to come up with solutions for survival.  The carpenter, now turned farmer, is planting.  People are banding together to share provisions.  But I think giving all the food to one person to hand out is giving that person the power over life and death, no matter who it is.  Everyone needs to think of themselves.  We “can” survive on the food the isle can provide.  We just need to help one another, EQUALLY.


S’s note last week seemed like a warning.  I was not aware that it was an actual abduction until the response from C.  People, we must find out who S is and take care of him or her.  Add to the list of the lycan and vampire.  Where is our alderman to adress this issue?  And the guards?  It’s time to set up our own posse and act


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