Cryer Issue #148

The horse is dead!!!
“I came upon the square and noticed that the horse was laying on its side.  As I got closer I could see the pool of blood and claw marks down the side fo the animal.  There were some sort of odd footprints leading away from it.  It is thought that the horse was slain by the lycan since the vampire would have drained the blood.  A few citizens took the opportunity to cut up the horse and boil the meat for eating.  They tasted it today at the Bardic.  Only time will tell if this was a wise decision or not”

– Cryer Reporter


The bardic circle was well attended with food brought from afar by Delice and news that Lex’s shipment of animals and seeds have arrived.  The issue is not fully resolved.  While the citizens have food to carry them over for a short time, it will be a continued effort by all to get the supply up to meet the demand.  Lex is offering first picks of their labors to those who come to work on the farm in the planting and harvesting.  Lex and Delice are happy to hand out rations to the people from the current food stores.  Please do not ask for more than you need.  There are a lot of mouths to feed.  A note and basket of vegetables were left for the “round ears” with the following note:

To the round  humans of the Island of Dee,
In my previus letter  Some one quoted me very wrong.
I do not want to rule you. But guide you.
Hellping you help yourself without fights and without trouble.
As ther is more food around you then you imagined.
Here is a little something just to show.

Canned Maeg’ooma,
Druid of the Hini tel’kemen’Fea,
Servant of my Goddess Gaia and Selene



The Alderman has sent notice that a town meeting will take place on Tuesday at 1:30pm (SLT) in front of the castle.



In light of today’s events at the Bardic Circle, it will be interesting to see how the Alderman handles the food issues at the meeting tomorrow.  While he ‘talks’ of ways to improve the situation, people have already set plans in motion.  Will his hunger cause him to actually get his hands dirty at the farm?


Does the death of the horse alarm the Guards?  Is the beast getting out of control?  Can something be done once and for all?


More saga happens between C & S but the editor has determined that this is a personal issue at the moment and will not print it.


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