Cryer #150

Seems our security fails us. The drow, the same one that dragged me to the underdark’s cave and tortured me for almost three days, was seen INSIDE the walls.

After seeing her on top of the tavern, I ran to the city bell and pulled the string multiple times. No guards showed up, not even the Alderman, though I am fairly certain I saw someone run out of the castle walls and away from the scene.

I didn’t face the drow alone though. After ringing the bell more than once, Lady Trixie and Cora Runa showed up to aid me. After a long argument, which had really become tiresome, we were joined by more unwelcome parties. The lycan, Richard, showed up with a woman, who I believe is a Mer. Though I never did catch her name.

The argument continued on, as the drow was very stubborn. It dragged on so long, that Cora and I were considering jumping off the other side of the bell tower and into the water to get away. Thankfully the members of the underdark left before we had to. I seriously doubt we would have made it into the water.

Where was the guard when this happened? Where was the Alderman? Why is it that the queen of the wylds and a peaceful citizen came to my rescue?

C – Otherwise known as Cali


Round ear’s of Dee

Did you know That Valdrin the ones Blacksmith honors  nature and speaks to trees.
He  can hunt for his on to survive and he honor’s honors his pray.
He feed his guts to the wolves and takes only what he needs.
Yet he does not like the wolves but thinks that every living thing deserves to live just as much as him.
I heard it with my own  ears.
And I have wyld’s ears. and yes He has promicion do do by the cora,  for he is not a dark human as there where many around.
Learn from him and you might be able to eat as well when you find the right guide.

Thats what I told you all before but still you do not listen.



The bardic circle was off to a great start this afternoon.  Lex brought sacks of food to ration to the people.  Dart sang a song he had written for an Orc.  The elven Queen and one of her wyldlings joined the festivities by bringing in a lost human.  Though the whole scene changed when Cora Runa stated that the humans should accept the help of the wylds so that they could survive on the isle and not starve…. or the wylds would take over the city.

There was division by those present.  Dart emphatically stated that no alliance to the Wylds would ever be accepted.  However, Lex stated that without the help from the Wylds, his farm would not be as prosperous as it currently is.  Tension in this already fragile group could be felt among the women.  One woman to note would be the Lady Erzsebet who not only stuck up for Dart and seemed willing to help his cause, but had several harsh words to say to the carpenter.


The mystery of the stolen furniture from the castle has been solved.  The items went to procure the animals and seeds for the farm to help combat the hunger issue that was on the rise.  Reports state that the newly arrived animals have adjusted to land life again and some seedlings are starting to poke through the dirt.


The Castle courtyard has been cleaned up from the rotten meat and fruit along with the posters soaked in blood.  However, upon examination of the area, some noises could be heard.  Also, many have been seen going in and out of the courtyard even though they have no purpose to do so.


Concern and chatter fills the streets as people discuss the turn of events regarding the leadership of Dee.  I would caution all good citizens to beware and be certain to make your decisions wisely.  Only time and action will speak the loudest.  We have had enough words.  Let your bellies decide where your loyalties lie.


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