Cryer #151

Two overheard conversations recently have raised, initially, concern and then confusion.

The first, when some Wyldings and their Cora were talking about the lack of food amongst the humans. The worrying part of this conversation was that it was gleaned they were trying to discover the whereabouts of the Human’s foodstore. It seemed from what was being said that they had some of their members actively searching for the store. A worry, yes; why do the Wyldings wish to find this store unless they wish to steal the food for themselves; and or destroy it and force the Humans to leave the island to them?

The second conversation, between the Cora and her acknowledged deputy was about the sacks of grains and pulses in and around the Mill. They seemed to be either confused or concerned that although this grain and pulses were there, it seems that no-one knows how to operate the mill. This is a surprise even to one such as I who has no interest in the means of turning grains to flour, only the joy of biting in to the resulting crusty loaf it produces.

Surely there must be someone amongst the remaining Humans who knows how to operate that relatively simple machinery. Isn’t the milling of grains to produce flour is merely a case of grinding the grains between the massive stones powered by the water wheel?

Now i cannot even attempt to fully understand how these two conversations, as opposite as they may seem, relate to each other; and how they will impact the Humans of Dee, but I know this for definite:

I am willing to give game, deer, rabbits, pheasants for the pleasure of eating a golden loaf once again; so how about it?

The Hunter

This note was left at the tree stump stage along with a basket of lovely vegetables.  It had been overlooked due to the ruckus which ensued.  Lex sent us a copy when he went back the next day to take the free food and also the remaining sacks he had set out which no one had claimed.

A Letter written on strange thick parchment like in loopy letters in a strange way barley readable readable

Again to the  human ears  of the Island of Dee,
last try as I seem not to get more then a notice.
I don’t ask much but a simple thank you  would be nice to start.
Really there is more food then you think but be carefuller who you chose to rule.
You need  to be guided not ruled.

Canned Maeg’ooma,
Druid of the Hini tel’kemen’Fea,
Servant of my Goddess Gaia and Selene


A strange and shocking change in the news regarding the food crisis in the city as it seems that a house full of meat has been discovered nestled within the city. The Wyldling Feros said she was looking for someone in the city when she noticed meat hanging from the inside of a window out of the corner of her eye. We, or rather, she caught up with us and gave us her opinion:

“It’s disgusting. As far as I know, that’s not the food store, so someone must have been hiding food from everyone else. I’ll bet it’s that damned Alderman and all of his lackies keeping food from the rest of your city. Afterall, does anybody know where exactly the food has been kept, and does anyone even know when it’s due to be handed out?”

Further disturbing news was revealed in light of the situation when she mentioned how easy it was to get around at night, leaving most, if not all of the city vulnerable to troublemakers and those who would wish to do harm upon the city.

“You should be having your guards posted all day and night. We may have better senses than you but we have at least one of our family on guard every hour of the day. Anyone can sneak around at night with ill intention and they won’t even be noticed because of the poor guard regime and the failure of what little militia you have to protect your home.”

She also highlighted the need for the our city to accept that it needs help from the wyldling tribe, going on further to explain that they are the better option for being guides and guardians of the isle.

“Your kind need our tribe more than you know. Both I and Canned, the druids of the tribe, have been casting protection charms on the isle since we were both able to, I even protected your crops just earlier this week, and I’ve done nothing else these past two months except keeping myself alive. Your government is failing and your walls will soon collapse. Your city is unprotected and vulnerable, and we have sat and watched this happen time and time again. We warned your kin and all you did was ignore us and carry on. This is why you need us. We are guides and guardians of the isle, we care for it’s wellbeing, and even your kin, the humans, are a part of it. It is wrong to believe you are special, and immune to the effects of everything that happens here just because you are human.”

The owner of the house containing the meat has yet to be identified, and so the source of the food remains a mystery. Could it truly be that our own government is lying to us? Are they hiding food from us to keep themselves well-fed? Are we starving because of selfish desires? Or is it a trick, played by the wyld tribe to convince us all that they should rule over the city? Perhaps we’ll find out in time.


Mort reports eavesdropping on humans

The alderman was heard to say…  “yes they said i kidnapped sev, and they also said i went away with the keys of the food locker, both accusations not true. Ask delice for the key i never got, and for sevriena, she is well beside me as you can see”



Much advice offered by many in this week’s input.  Who speaks the truth and who speaks gibberish.  We bring you the information, you discern the facts.


As for this editor, I always listen loudest to actions and not words.  Words are free.  Actions come at a price.


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