Cryer #152

I was taking a swim downstream when I overheard a conversation between a certain , not very tall Wylding and a ‘Roundear’ I do use that term loosely because the fog was so dense, I couldn’t see, may have had pointy ears but, well it was foggy and the hair does get in the way doesn’t it? .

Anyway, I couldn’t help but listen to the fascinating subject they were discussing, particularly as I am, well nosey seems too strong a word but……  It seems that the Wyldings could be planning to take over!  Take over what if you ask; why take advantage of the shortage of food, and the weak state of the hungry ‘Roundears’ and overrun the castle, and take it over… What is next?  The rest of Dee?

I heard the Wylding (still not letting on who it is – but she has wings), tell the other female that the ‘Roundears’ were to blame for the food shortage, particularly the good Minister himself.  Is this true?  Or is it a story woven to make the ‘Roundears’ look bad? You know the sort of thing a smoking arrow.

They speculated that the Minister was corrupted by his powerful position in the city, we have all heard the saying, ‘Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. One never knows with Wyldings, but what is known is that most of the worst dictators in history have been small. Now I am not suggesting anything of course, but it makes you think doesn’t it?


The vampire, Keri, made an appearance on the farm as some of us gathered for a party Saturday night. Though I do not know what started the confrontation, as I had arrived late, I do know this: Keri attacked Cora Runa there on the farm.

When I arrived, Keri was holding Cora Runa hostage, and Runa was already quite bloody. There was a long confrontation that followed. Once Runa managed to get out of Keri’s grasp, Riven, Xami, and Canned tried to attend to her injuries, while Lex and I attacked the vampire with whatever pieces of wood we could use as weapons.

Keri’s body turned to ash, but that was not the end of it. I was still in a rage about him having hurt Runa, and as I stabbed a broken branch at the ashes, they moved away from me. The ashes soon took on another form: Keri’s body but this time with large black wings.

Still, he refused to leave the farm, and offered to help Runa with her injuries. His intentions were questionable, and none of us allowed Keri to go too near Runa. I charged at Keri with my iron sword and managed to cut off the wings that had grown on his back. Afterwards, Keri fled.

I followed after him, with Mort and Riven following closely behind. We lost him and eventually decided to go back and attend to Runa. The location of Keri is unkown, and so is his current race. He clearly is no longer a vampire, otherwise I’m sure that my sword would not have had an effect on him. What has Keri become? And just how dangerous is he?



Upon receiving the report from Cali regarding the farm party, this reporter took it upon herself to find out more.  Only one stop was needed to gain further information.  The farm.  The farmer was hesitant to talk until I read him the account we had received.  His demeanor changed greatly and suddenly he was spilling a lot of information.

“It was to be a nice party to celebrate the fact that our food shortage is near an end.  The farm is doing well, partially to the thanks of the wyldlings and to a lot of hard work put in by the rest of us.  The vampire came and I approached him to leave.  Then Riven joined at my side.  As things got heated, I asked someone for a weapon since I don’t carry one.  None was given.  Then Runa stepped in front of us to take over the situation, drawing her weapon.  During the scuttle which ensued, she was shot with an arrow intended for the vampire.  She got what she deserved.  Had she not butted in, one of us would have taken the arrow, no doubt.  The wyldlings complain we ’roundears’ don’t do anything and then when we DO, they interfere and blame us for lack of action.  It’s all clear to me now.  Glory seekers”

When I pressed for more information, he grumbled and walked away to milk the cow.



Curious turn of events at the farm party.  Were the wyldlings helping or interfering?  It seems to be undecided based on eye witness accounts.  And why didn’t the vampire die like the other one?  What is this new incarnation and should we be worried?  It’s obvious to worry about a reincarnation.  The isle does hold mysterious powers.  But will Keri, or whatever he may be called now, wreak havoc on its inhabitants?  Time will tell …. and so will the Cryer!



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