Cryer #153

Riven!! IN the water??! How could this be?! And on top of that with TWO seductive mers! What happened?? What did they do? Did they try to drown him? Did they try to make him their hu-MAN slave????? What happened down there? All I know is that riven came up calling out, ” hope you know now the ladys of the sea are not safe from riven! hehe”



An eye witness told The Cryer that he saw  Dart at the mill, rumaging about in the stores
and carying off some machine oil. Another report has it that he was seen at the
bakery apparently stealing some cooking oil! And lastly he was reported to have
cleaned out the abandoned blacksmith shop of all the oils used in the grinding
and sharpening of tools.

Could it be that he is trying to re-start the lighthouse lamp at long last?

When asked by this reporter, Dart refused to answer directly. In fact  he told
the reporter that it was “None of your (explitive deleted) business” and stomped off.
It seems our lighthouse man has not improved his mood of late, but he certainly seems
to be up to something!


While trying to find someone to talk to around Dee, I came upon an old familiar face stood talking to herself in front of the Pottery store.

Galaxy has been gone for a very long time, and nobody has seen or heard from the healer/tavern wench in her absence.

Or have they? She was, most graciously, befriended with the Cora …

Either way, the little woman stood conversing for a long while with the two folk in Dee she loves dearly, explaining that she has kept to herself with meditation and learning in the woods.
Finally I saw a new face arrive, demanding to know who Gal is talking to, the woman obviously looking somewhat suspicious.

Put out by this, Galaxy flew into a little head-scrubbing of the lass, pointing out that it is RUDE not to acknowledge folk that is stood ‘RIGHT HERE’!

I heard Galaxy saying that she saw the Tavern owner a short while back, and was wondering if she could acquire her job back in the tavern.

This is somewhat bizarre to me, as I know for sure the folk Galaxy was speaking to, really no longer lives on Dee, not to mention that the tavern is all closed up and the City is infested with roaches and the likes.

Seeing Galaxy back in town though, makes me somewhat nervous AND excited. She is a very peculiar sort, but has she received one knock to the head too many?




Interesting compilation of news this week.  Riven continues to be seen with some new Mer.  His friends grow concerned that the Mer have sung their songs to him thus placing him in their spell.  Do they seek to do him harm?


The City Hall is in fact infested with insects.  The building will have to come down as it no longer is safe to go inside.  It was further reported that Riven and Lex investigated and Lex was seen helping a limping Riven back to his home.  Perhaps the new healer can help him out.  If she’s still got enough mental capacity left.


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