Cryer #154

I went to the  city for the Bäckerei  to get some bread this morning.  First a flock of birds attacked me from inside, which had been picking on the remains of old bread crumbs – aside of that the whole  store is emptied of all bread and baking wares. Has anyone heard or seen of the bäcker lady? Where to buy bread now.

Miss Esmeralda


Citizens of Dee,
or who still here.
I do write after the conversation with the wylds, about our situation, the humans situation. Does anyone around, does anyone here? Who takes care of our village? I see no guards, ruined buildings, and almost no citizen around. As I heard from the Cora, she gave ‘us’ time. I wasn’t here till the time was up. Do we give the village to them?
They say that we are not many people, that we can get St.Vitus full and leave the whole place for them. Do we want it?
They will let the forest grow to the village, don’t we do something? I ask, where are you, citizens of Dee. Humans of Dee?
And I thought it is quiet here as it was before I left, it is now empty because no one is here.
Let’s change it!




In an effort to control the infestation of insects within the old Vintner’s home and winery as well as the city hall, Lex the carpenter/farmer lit them on fire.  Insect damage happens to buildings all the time but he told our reporters that the Cora Runa had noticed the insects and encouraged them to breed.  Is this the Wylds way of taking over the city by slowly causing all the buildings to collapse?

Many threats were passed back and forth between Lex, the only one from the city present to take care of the issue, and the wyldlings.  Lex didn’t seem to care much about his welfare or that of the city anymore.  This reporter found him in the bath house nursing his injuries.  He said, “I wanted to take care of the bug issue to stop it from spreading to other buildings and potentially the forest.  I didn’t realize until that morning that is was hanced by those of the wylds.  Soon they’ll be growing trees and moving in, I suppose.”

When I asked him how he got injured, he stated  “They threatened that they would shoot me if I moved anywhere near the forest with the torch.  I was standing there holding the torch, not moving and just watching the fire, when a dagger flew past me.  Then I was pelted by the dragon with ice balls, shot in the back by the hunter Veldrin and doused with a large spray of water by a mermaid.”  It was easy to see the extent of his injuries.  His breathing sounds horrible, his body covered in bruises from the ice bombs and a large bandage on his shoulder where the arrow was removed and cauterized.

This reporter fears just how dangerous the wyldlings will become now that the city has no one to care for it.



A grave situation indeed for the walled city of Dee and the isle as a whole.  Just how far will these wyldlings go to get what they want?  Obviously shooting someone in the back is not against their moral code so citizens please be cautious….. whatever citizens are left.  Could they also be the reason for the missing baker?



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