Cryer #155


I simply wanted to announce to Dee that St. Vitus Day is arriving — on Friday, June 22nd. For those of ye that are unaware of this days celebrations, like I was until very recently, it is to celebrate Saint Vitus, who was known to become blessed with spiritual powers by the age of seven,  even freeing an Emperor son of an evil spirit.

This should be quite an exciting celebration! We have a special surprise coming for this, as well as many other activities that we are still planning. If ye would like to get in on the action, please contact me. We could use all the help we can get!

Also, for the day, we do need all the humans in town to help us decorate for the festivities. As previously noted, please contact myself to become involved.

I do believe this will be an incredibly exciting day and a great time for us to relax from the fears that have been surrounding the isle from the last Wyld Bardic and other events that have been occurring. I do hope to see ye there — ye won’t regret it!

Lady Trixie


I went into the bathhouse the other day to take a relaxing bath, when I had found the main bath to be covered with lily pads, bull frogs, and even fish. It appears that the humans will have to take their bathing in either the two individual baths… assuming they haven’t been infested by frogs and fish soon… or in the river. I have a feeling that this has something to do with the wylds… first it was them encouraging the bugs to infest the city hall, now it’s frogs in the bathhouse. Cora Runa spoke of letting nature take its course at the last wyld bardic… does she plan on inconveniencing all of the humans?

Also, rumor has it that humans are officially banned from the wylds den and possibly the forest. This causes even more tension between the wylds and the humans… will it ever end?

I must say that this may be war between humans and wylds… what will we do if our entire town is taken over by nature?



My fellow friends and I ; Aura, Trixie, And Seer . We heard of the situation in the bath house with the frogs. We were so curious of how the frogs got there. Then we decided to take the frogs out of the bath house. It was extremely fun and funny.   As Seer and me were having trouble with getting the frogs. They were hopping all over the place. Near the last one of collecting the frogs. Trixie tried to grab it and it went crazy. Trixie slipped and fell next to the bath. Though she was laughing and it was all good fun to get the frogs out. It needed to be done. When we were returning the frogs to Seer’s Garden . One in particular frog kept escaping though after about 3 escapes we finally made it to the garden. We put the frogs on the ledge of the garden. The frogs had returned home, It makes me happy.

Signed ,


Dart’s Occasional Dee Diary

An oily slick on the sand of the beach
smelling like dead whale (blue, humpback or right)
led the lighthouse man to a big barrel of oil
that had washed up on shore in the night.

“What a find!” he exclaimed when he found it was full
“And the Lighthouse lamp can burn at last!”
So he rolled it (not easy in the sand be assured!)
exhausted long before he made the last turn.

So he sits on the keg with an ale in his hand
and looks up to the tower over head”.
“I will carry it up one small pail at a time,
just as soon as I rise from my bed!”


City dwellings burnt to the ground yesterday. Both infested with termites (human word for wood eaters)  The carpenter himself set his torch to these, while the wylds watched in great fear for their forest .   At last point while they burned, the man then threatened all the forest while waving about his torch.  Wylds Cora Morta then aimed.. but narrowly missed the torch he was holding, and then followed that the hunter  Veldrin (human friend of torch wielder)  then directed his bow at the carpenter”s torch, fearing that his love might still be in the forest herself.    The carpenter the name Lex …was seen falling to the ground injuries unsure as the wyld healer Dana ran to aid  him and  the dragon stood between the fallen man and the scorching flames

As the man Lex was being helped  by wylds vince and garou Dana the mer arrived much to the relief of this writer…with directions to the burning building nearest the forest the merfolk Rory and Indigo splashed great waves onto the fire…again and again they repeated until the wylds cheered in relief as  this side of the river appeared to be safe.  Across the banks the other rotted and burning building was being watched over and tended to by the pixie canned  with her snow  (yes snow) and the dragon vince was pelting his ice balls also to quench the flames. After many hours of filty and bone wearying work the fires were finally quenched.

signed    Mortar Oyen  Kemen Fea Cora


The past few day have seen some strange weather around the Isle of Dee.  Perhaps not strange to many other lands, but the mists are lifting and on occasion one can see a passing ship.  Rumors abound as to the reason for this occurence.  Is the isle losing it’s magic?  Have the watchers removed their protection of the isle?  Much is unknown.


Today’s Bardic Circle was well attended and lively
with activity!

Dart read the first three chapters from his book
“The Saga of the Lighthouse” about a group of
naer’ do-wells in Dee’s past.

Trixie quoted a poem she had from another
bard in another land. A woefull tale about an alchemist!

Aura gave a romantic poem about a bard and his lover,
and Rivien was heard mumbling a song which may be
too bawdy to discuss in this public platform!

Finally, Dart told everyone that he had found a barrel of
rancid whale oil and had high hopes of restarting the
lighthouse lamp, “Maybe as early as Wednesday!”



It’s been a full week and seems to promise to be even fuller.  St Vitus Festival is a time of laughter and joy.  You will not want to miss it.


The hope of having a lighthouse operational again is promising, especially with all the passing ships that have been spotted.  Might we even get some traders?  Though is should also be noted, might we get some pirates?  Take caution when meeting new people.  They will show their true colors soon enough.


The tension between the wylds and the humans mount.  It was interesting to note the differences in the stories between Lex’s version of last week and the Cora Mortar.  She states she didn’t know his injuries but left out that they were caused by her people.  Several people report that Lex does not have the use of his left arm, his back is covered in bruises and the wound to his shoulder looks grave.  And will the bath house be the next building they run into the ground with other various creatures to take it over?  Let’s hope all stays peaceful for the St Vitus Celebration.

Weekly Events
Bardic in the Walled City
Every Monday, 1pm SLT on the Tree Stump Stage by the castle

Women ( gossips and rumors) Weaving Guild
Every Thursday, 2:00pm SLT in the St. Vitus Abbey Guesthouse Kitchen

Sangen ten’Am en Lina ( To gather for Tale and Song)
Every Wednesday 1pm SLT at the camp fire by the old castle



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