The Isle of Dee Villagers celebrate St Vitus Day!!

Hear ye Hear ye!

Come and join the citizens of the Isle of Dee for a medieval festival.
Enjoy Games and contests, Food, Drink and Merriment!

The Festivity happens at Friday, 22rd of June. All day!
(Watch out for notices in the City of Dee announcing certain attractions)

And along that , see what else is coming to the Isle of Dee!

 Carnivale of Shadows comes to Dee during St. VitusFestival

Come Watch The Shows,
Play the Games of Chance.
Test Your Strength of Mind Against the Mind Reader
 or Visit the Dark Oracle if Ye dare!
 Juggler, Dancers, Food, Music, Potions and Games. (and prizes!)

Eat, Drink, Be Merry!
Find the Isle :

Though this is an IC (=In Character)  Event , Everyone welcomed.
Medieval attire required.
Free Male and Female ( human) Avatars provided ( with AO)


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Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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