Cryer #157

Dart’s Occasional Dee Diary
She hauled him from the tent she did,
by the ear ! (and oh that hurt)
Yes she dragged him from the spicy show
with more than just a spicy word!

His ear (though true, a tad bit sore)
he bandaged as if minced.
He made sure as soon as Lotte was near
that he loudly moaned and winced.

He gave her a rose to say amends
(that he found in someones lot)
and he promised that he’d mend his ways
(or he hoped that’s what she thought!)

He promised  he would never
watch the show that that lady gives
and he promised he would love her
for as long (pray Gods!) he lives.

In the end they kissed and they made up
and reminisced ’till half past three,
’bout the fun they’d had at the Festival
and the Carnival in Dee.


Since it has been decided that the bardic should be held in the village, on account of the terrible state of the city, Riven, Aurora, and I decided to move some of the logs and pillows to our new meeting place. So now we have plenty of sitting room for people to join the circle when we meet.



I was walking around the city when I noticed there was new plant life along with a set of mysterious stones where the buildings once stood.  The wylds have been busy at work.  I’m curious though, is this a holy ground or a place to commit the slaughter of all remaining humans?

~ Anonymous



Things are deathly quiet on the isle of Dee.  Indeed, some people haven’t been around much lately.  Have they already been sacrificed on those stones mentioned by an anonymous writer?

Have you seen things you’ve not told?  Heard whispers in the night?  Been silenced by the screams of others?  We want to know.  Send us your stories and spread the word to warn your fellow citizens.

Weekly Events
Bardic in the Walled City
Every Monday, 1pm SLT on the Tree Stump Stage by the castle

Sangen ten’Am en Lina ( To gather for Tale and Song)
Every Wednesday 1pm SLT at the camp fire by the old castle



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