Cryer #158

Hurricane like gusts of wind and fog ran over the isle on Tuesday. They seemed to be concentrated around the abandoned town, shaking tree tops, walls and windows.  Its been reported that some windows broke and shingles flew about., but if any serious damage is to be noticed, then it yet is not detected.

While many been hiding, a couple of humans had a fight over food that ended with a girl injured.   Some folks reported to have seen or noticed a demon and others spoke  about a dragon.   Which is true? I do not know. Do you?

anonymous reporter


Someone wants to have seen  how a dragon  and a small winged creature  attacked a  couple at the beach near the haunted castle with breath and snow. The couple being peaceful hanging out at the beach when the wild creatures started to attack them. The man rushed to the womans side, but got covered in ice and the woman fell in pain to the ground, strangely swaying and  from their back two large fish creatures approached, singing hypnotically.
The rest of the event as the outcome is unclear because the witness state to have fallen asleep from the singing voices that filled her with overwhelming calmness, love and peace.

anonymous reporter


lonely hearts ad

I am a kind, strong man, very faithfully and true. I live at the Isle, and you can often find me listening to my music box by the old Cock A Hoop. I hope to find here my love with open hearted who can go with me  and brings joy back to my life. If there is any nice woman out there reading this, give it a try.

written and delivered on a all crinkled small note, apparently ripped off a book



While it is true that we don’t know about the cause of the winds on Tuesday, it has been reported by several people that they have felt the ground shake.  Not the type of shaking when a legion is approaching on horseback, but more of a “Growl or Rumble” as one person stated.  First the fog lifts and then this.  Heed the warnings, fair citizens.



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