Cryer #159

Witchcraft or harmless Fae signs

How harmless are the stone circles really. They are “accidentally” where once  proud buildings, signs of wealth and rank stood. Some say its the wilds druids who put them down and that they are good. Others whisper behind their hands that its witchcraft, either put by wilds or by witches, either with dark plans.
Which is true. Who can tell


The weather!

The recent winds and earthquakes have caused many to seek shelter inside.  But what buildings are safe?  So far, the peculiar weather has been isolated to the abandoned city.  But is this just only the beginning?  The castle wall near the burned down city hall seemed to be the first thing to start to sink.  Have the bugs gone underground and are now eating away at the land?  Does it have to do with the stone circles that have been placed over the buildings?  It’s been reported that these circles are for cleansing the land in order for the trees to grow in a healthy environment.  But is the Isle’s magic causing it to backfire?


Damage Report

Please submit your damage reports to the cryer so that we all may know what and where it is safe to go.  Also, please help in the clean up as the winds have throw branches, rocks and other trash all over the isle.

Bath house – partial roof missing and the bell tower fell on it.  UNSAFE
Miller – sinking into the water.  UNSAFE
Saddler’s house – partial roof missing
Bell Tower – fallen onto the bath house.  UNSAFE
Ground – the earthquake has separated the castle and old hotel from the mainland.
Crops – wind damage to tomatoes and corn.


As I been tourin’ de lands, catchin’ up on de news since I been restin’, I been hearin’ about dis man named Axel or Caius.  I be guessin’ eet’s de same person.  Him, dat be Axel,  been possessed by de demon Caius.  Him seems to pick mostly on de women.  Cali and Aura be havin’ de scars as proof.  Story has eet dat de elder Cora been able to cast out de demon.  De citizens not bein’ so sure of de man.  Dey be leary.  One story even says de Axel attacked someone after de demon been gone.

Den along come de brudda, Marek.  Him not de righteous of men.  Runa sayin’ him missed de brudda’s wedding to bed some princess.  All dem be gabbin’ on like de school girls about de dark armies comin’ and we must prepare.  Aye, eet be good to have some trainin’ in de swords and bows.  But I be t’inkin’ dere be no dark armies a’comin’ to de Isle.

Signed … Dis here one.



Citizens, it is time to beware.  Too many strange things are happening on the Isle to not take notice and guard ourselves.  We can’t control the weather.  We can take precautions to shelter the animals and anything that could be damaged by the high winds.


Is there a dark army coming?  No one knows.  It could be the hype of one seriously delusional human or it could be a warning of things to come.  Is there anyone who could teach weapons training?  Is there anyone who HAS a weapon?  To think of an army coming to our small isle is scary.  Should the humans and wylds band together to fight, or fight as separate groups?  So much unrest seriously has this editor worried.


Are the watchers laughing, crying or getting their revenge upon the people of the land…. ALL the inhabitants.


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