Cryer #160

Is it Time to Prepare for the Fourth Generation?

According to history, Queen Mathilde signed a pact with the Dark Elf Wizard, Kel’yraen, to rid the isle of the terrible goblins. The wizard would get rid of the golbins in return for the Queens word that in four generatins, his heir would sit on the throne and rule all of Dee.

What else could be causing all these strange earthquakes and wild storms?  Look at how things are growing, new magic circles appearing from nowhere, tall bushes and grasses everywhere. I say it is the magic of the dark elves, getting ready to crown the new king, making the land as comfortable for them as possible.

If we humans want to keep our homes and the right to live, hunt and prosper in Dee we may have to start learning how to defend our lands and people. The Queen may have signed away the city, but not the village!

Signed – Aura


Oh people of Dee….and those of other ilk who also inhabit here….these tremblings of the Earth have one source….the Wrath of God!
He is displeased with us for our..evil ways….drinking….fornication…and other demonic doings.
St. Vitus himself appeared to me in a vision and told me so!.
Repent! Change your ways!

…and come to the Abbey to pray..and offer alms to St. Vitus so he will interceed for us and bring tranquility back to Dee.

Dominus vobiscum!
Friar Archo


Riven for King or Jester

Rumor has it, that the village fool Riven has secret plans to take over the abandoned  Alberic castle.  Maybe those secret plans include the dark elves, since more rumor goes that he tends close relations, maybe even of amorous nature, with them.

Is it that someone does not like those plans, and is it therefor that he got found half dead and yet seems to suffer from loss of blood? And did this mayhap cure his foulness that he calls the great fool  and others call laziness? This being said I guess thats all just rumor and he is just fine and healthy and no castle is in risk to be taken -nor any dark elf. While the latter might be something we all would benefit from.


Ship wreckers

It has been reported that some woman has been carried from the beach with some minor injuries and another young female who is called Robin who lost her family in a storm and expects to find them in the abandoned city . Investigations in and around Dee’s waters  did not result  in remnants of any  bodies. So there is hope for Robin to find her family back.



it remains instable and unpleasant. It is advised to tie what has to stay outside to the ground and bring the animals in, cover what you don’t want to become wet, since the winds are still strong and more tornadoes expected and now it started to rain as well.


Dear Citizens, be careful when going into the abandoned city.  There has been much damage cause by the quakes, tornadoes and rain.  Several buildings destroyed.  Some were even sucked into the earth.  Speculations and whispers still abound as to the nature of what has caused the turbulent weather.


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