Cryer #161

Several came out for the Dart Tournament held at The Trader’s Barrel in St Vitus Village.  Ultimately, the winning prize went to Byblos.  In his typical giving nature, he donated the winning to the village to help those in need.


At a lightly attended Bardic Circle this week, Robin told a lively story
about  nobles, lovely women and some very nasty hags.

Dart  recited  his poem about Metal (a dragon whom he
personally knew), and it’s epic battle against heroic townsfolk.

Lotte enjoyed both tales, and seemed quite relaxed on her cushion.


No more rain

A sigh of relief goes over the isle when the heavy rain stops after days. Will the earth stay calm now too? Or are new quakes to be expected. Everyone is happy for now to go out and stay dry and those who caught a cold can recover.



Someone picked up the chairs and tables by the old tavern in the abandoned city.
I made this observation before… it looks like someone does not realize that this tavern is closed. They even lit a candle and placed it on a table. I find that a bit creepy.


Butcher Retires

The Village Fool gave up his success-less business and its said he sold his store to a Lady  – what will he do with the money? As he claims to want people to be happy and do all to help the village, we can assume he will donate it for trading goods.  But what will he do then now for a living? Staying a beggar for the rest of his life? Will he retire to the abbey and become a good person?  But more likely that is all part of the  conspiracy. Beware the Fool!



Due to the lack of bridges that got destroyed by the earthquakes and hurricanes, more and more people are starting to row from place to place. The abandoned castle is completely cut off the main isle and only to reachable that way. A perfect place for secret plans- one wonders whose candle burns there in the nights when the isle sleeps. Is it a restless spirit, is it a trick of light?



Finally the rains have stopped.  The earth seems to have calmed though the geysir is still going strong.  Inspection of the water finds it to be warm and have some mineral properties to it which could aid in healing such as for aches and pains.


Weekly Events

Moon Dance Concert and Party —


Saturday, 28th July 2012
2 pm slt- 3 pm slt

followed by DJ PURGA!
3 pm slt –  …until exhaustion of the DJ!


Be there, bring friends, wear your hottest leathers !!
Bardic in the St Vitus Village
Every Monday, 1pm SLT under the shade of the tree

Sangen ten’Am en Lina ( To gather for Tale and Song)
Every Wednesday 1pm SLT at the camp fire by the old castle



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