Hells Deedles – 28th July – 2 pm slt – OOC Moon Dance Concert and Party –



Out Of Character, in the Lobby – so Everyone ! is heartily welcome to enjoy the Enchanting voice of this famous man and the after party with Crazy Purga!

BFLAT UNPLUGGED - DJ purga  july 2012 Dee

2 pm slt- 3 pm slt


Be there, bring friends, wear your hottest leathers !!

You may bring your bikes and race at the Lobby.
You may wear your hottest Leather Outfit.
You may bring friends!
You may throw panties and bottles! ( men can throw either, depending on own melting or boiling level)

Competition:   BEST IN LEATHER
In the Pot: 1000 L$ to win.

followed by DJ PURGA!
3 pm slt –  …until exhaustion of the DJ!


About Bflat Unplugged:

Bflat about himself:

I have always loved to sing, and have been singing in RL since the mid ’90s and online since 2004. While I also sing rock, pop, and jazz, I just have an affinity for the blues that won’t go away. I’ve tried solo studio singing, and it’s never worked for me; I need to sing to a live audience. I love to have fun and share my energy through song, and I’m pleased to have found SL!

What others say about Bflat:

Jezebel Bailey  interviews Bflat Unplugged

And some unknown source:

bFlat has been singing blues, rock and jazz on stage since the mid-90s and online since 2004. Joe Cocker and Michael Franks are as far apart as you can get vocally, but bFlat can do justice to both as he turns his voice from rough and raw to smooth, and sultry, and back again. bFlat’s got soul, and you can hear it in every song he sings. His wit, humor and charm draws you into his performances, and you will feel his voice callin’ you.


About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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