Cryer #162

Someone overheard a squabble between Aewenil…that new lady..that wanted to open the butcher shop. Oh how Lex made fun of her when she went to visit to buy his produce…tellin her ..why would they buy from her..when they get it free from him. I hear she swished her skirts and left and moved right out. someone saw her near the Lighthouse…seems like she was looking for a boat out…but not long after that she was seen rowing a boat between the Lighthouse and the old castle…back and forth all day long…now what could that lady be up to……..unsigned


Dart’s Occasional Dee Diary

He stumbled to the lighthouse (where he knew he’d find a drink)
pushing through the door and screwing up his face.
“Damn place can use a cleanup, and  a hand to help, I think
‘cause I’m just not able any more to keep up with the pace!”

But he sees at once he’s not alone, a lady stands within.
So he tells her that his name is Dart, he finds out her’s, And then
in speaking finds that she’s  the one that he has sought  to win
as the  helper for the lighthouse and the tavern called “The Den.”

So welcome Aewenil and hope you clean that lighthouse right;
hope you keep it tidy and as  neat as it could ever be.
And be sure there’s oil in the lamp that shines the light all night
‘cause therein lies the saftey of our lovely Isle of Dee.


Dart Tournament, every Saturday evening at the “Trader’s Barrel”.  7:30 pm (SLT).  Don’t miss your chance for the bragging rights.


This reporter saw the carpenter/farmer talking with the elder Cora up by the abby.  Both of their faces looked grim as they parted ways.  Is there a new war brewing that their talk could not stop?  Will the humans now fight for the city back due to it’s beautiful new hot springs?  Will the wyldlings banish humans from using it now that they have showed their interest in the area?


As i have awake from my nitemares I ask my self: “What can I do for dee?”  Now most the time its not hard for me to fill in what i can do but today I awake and ask my self “What has Dee giveing me?”

Dee has been most pain in my back side comes to passing the good name of the great fool.  What i get?  flak from every one.

Well this fool no dumb kid.   maybe its time for the people and things of dee to start to fear this fool.  I have giveing up on you all.  Maybe in the up comeing days you will all wish that the good old riven was back.

Till something happens only thing i can say is…..hide

-signed in blood



Greetings dear friends, I am new here.

So to introduce myself, I am Sorinmar the sillent.

I roam the streets at noon, and in evenings I do mostly write.

From this issue forthworth I will be posting a poem or a riddle .

For sulotions please come see me at the boarding house in the city of dee .

Signed : Sorinmar “Grey eye”.



As everyone starts to gather together again, having put aside their summer chores of harvesting, gathering, and hiding from the weather, the isle is once again buzzing with new topics.  Be sure to say hello to the new folks and beware of some of the older ones.


Weekly Events
Bardic in the St Vitus Village
Every Monday, 1pm SLT under the shade of the tree

Dart Tournament at the “Trader’s Barrel”
Every Saturday 7:30 pm  SLT  in the ST Vitus Village

Sangen ten’Am en Lina ( To gather for Tale and Song)
Every Wednesday 1pm SLT at the camp fire by the old castle

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