Dee -August 2012-Sim Meeting Notes

First and very excitedly!  We’d like to introduce your two new sim admins, Canned and Mortar.

Runa will be in charge of sim management in general, rentals, and light fae
(To set doors on rentals you can contact Runa or Lex)
Lex is her backup in all matters and in charge of the humans
Canned will be in charge of Dark Fae  and Pixies
Mortar will be in charge of shape shifting races (were/ garou/ dragons/ mermaid)

Please speak to the admin of your race FIRST regarding RP.  Any admin can help with griefers, prims issues and daily maintenance.  As in any well run business, there is a chain of command to follow.  Please help us all by following the chain of command.

Secondly, and still as exciting.  The meter is coming back to Dee.  We will be re-installing the REVOLT meter to the Isle of Dee.

HOWEVER, before being able to engage in meter combat, you MUST attend a meter combat training course and be IN the group “! Isle of Dee Meter Combatants !”.  You will be invited to the group at the end of class. There will be one held a week and some impromptu when needed.

Contact Lex Zimmer if you have any questions.

Thirdly, and still as exciting – we are allowing Garou back as a conditional race.  Those wishing to play garou will need to contact Mortar Oyen prior to applying for the race.

Finally… Do you -really- want more out of your RP?

The Isle of Dee has an RP academy for those seeking more for their character.  Completion of levels 1 & 2 will grant you the opportunity to spread your wings with special abilities, conditional races or for players that need some guiding in HOW to RP.  Completion of levels 1-3 is mandatory for anyone who would like to lead a faction group.

Completing the Academy does not give your character the right to do anything he/she wishes.  All special abilities and major plots will still need to meet Dee guidelines and have Admin approval.

If you would like more information about the RP Academy, contact Lex Zimmer.  Level 1 is listed on the blog as well so that you may peek into the sort of homework there will be.

If you ever have an urgent need, we have a First Aid Bell located near the Admin Staff mailbox in the roleplay entrance.  It will send a message to all admins online and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


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