Monday 2 pm SLT : Human Bardic – Everyone invited. (Even Fae?)

After being forced to war by the child queen that claimed to be the heir to the throne of Alberic, the Fae took up with the challenge and now the once huge city is overgrown with forest. Nobody knows how and why the queen fell into a deep magical sleep and whether she got kidnapped or brought away by her minions to find a cure. What is known, is that the remaining humans got told to govern themselves and provide a leader the Fae can talk to. But accused for many things, the Fae got ignored, so they claimed the city – the remaining humans live now in the village, weary of nobles who left them to starve and their own fate, weary of Fae telling them what to do.
Their houses fill , their trades flourish- will they manage to rule the Isle once again?

Want the Difference?

Bored of an RP-World that is filled with multi-breed gods and super hero beings and constant threat?
Sick of daily combat slaughtering and endless paragraph posts?

Here is your Place!
We offer an historic medieval life with normal daily adventures and personal quests to solve!
You want an RP which is about your characters personality and not about weapon skills in first line?
We do recruit laid back roleplayers, who don’t  fear reading and accepting an unique frameset!

Every Monday: 2 pm SLT: Human Bardic in the Village by the center Tree next to the Trader’s Barrel

Every Wednesday: 1 pm SLT: Wylds Bardic somehwere in the wilderness


About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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