Cryer #164


Finally did the annoying permanent drumming from the forest stop. To me it sounded like war drums. Are the Wylds planning to take the Village for themselves as well ? The City they have already. Its only a question of time and the rest of our beloved Isle is fully in their hands. Do we allow this? I say we need to unite , point our weapons towards them and stop further  contamination  by those filthy creatures!


New  Citizens

The Bard , Dart, better known as drunkard and light housekeeper – while he claims to be a lighthouse keeper – has new neighbors. Left to hope that he does not creep their guts out with his “singing” skills.



Gentle but chilling winds blow from the north of the Isle.  A clouded Mist  with unnatural glow appeared northern  in the distance.



Since the fog thinned out, more ships from mainland find their way to the Isle again. The Farmer seems to have  build up stable relations with doubtful persons that come with crates of wares and likely not just the best of intentions. Lets just trust in Lex having a lucky hand with trading,  and lets hope not that he invites danger to our peaceful land.


On a private note:
Does anyone know a -good- recipe to stop a terrible itching skin?



There has been much activity around the isle.  The wylds concerned about the humans influx of traders and potential rogues.  The humans keeping a watchful eye on the wylds as they encroach on the old city.  It will be interesting to see how this will play out.  We’ve also noticed more humans carrying weapons.  Perhaps they are readying to make a stand against any who wish to inhibit their lifestyle.


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