Cryer #165


They call them spirits; but lets call them by name. Ghosts !
It spooks in the city in broad daylight! Some people claim to have spoken with the ghosts.  They report  that some ghosts seem to be happy and have music,  others have a task at hand they want to finish and that others again  just want freedom and peace.
Are there really ghosts or did someone mix something in those citizens drinks?


In the Tavern I found a drunk who had a story that lets my neck hair stand; I need to share with you all as a warning!
“I am a man. Don’t you get me wrong. I AM a man. If you know what I mean ? But today I ran like a coward ” the man admitted to me ashamed.  ” I followed some moaning sounds, that had me believe a young miss may have gotten into some  unpleasantness. If you know what I mean? ” I nodded and so he spoke on “So I found her by the tavern,  the other, you know, in the town. The horrible figures that … ” he shook his head and it took him a longer while before he suddenly shouted “It really creeps your guts out.  I swear one tried to jump on my back!! ” – ” The woman? ”  I asked and he furrowed his brows  ” No ” he replied eventually and calm again ” she disappeared in front of my eyes, after yelling  ” I AM ALIVE ” so that my blood froze and my toe nails, I swear, scrolled up! And then.. then I ran !”
Well he was drunk. But I can’t other but believe that he has seen horrible things there in the ghost city.


A small party of three persons has been seen sneaking around the Castle. They may be responsible for the stenching smell the breeze brings over from that place.


The Bell remains a problem for the villagers. Not only because it is too huge to move it away from the square -even with joined efforts- but because it is now (and again the truth lays somewhere between the reports) “glowing” “shining” “pulsing”.


Someone wants to have seen a Lady or girl between the mists in the new woods – nothing uncommon you will say… but that one is said to have worn a crown. Another grand grand grand grand daughter of Old King Alberic? Beware of the nobles !

Some Villagers want to have seen a ghost ship , others talk about a ghost boat..which is true ?

” It is so scary. ” said Melissa from the farm when I met her ” I do not dare to step over the bridge to the city now with all the fog. We can only hope that Vitus protects us all.”


Creepy, foggy and wet. Perfect weather for Fishing.


Halloween Specials

The abandoned city is haunted and it needs brave adventurer to release it from the spook. Are you brave enough, smart enough,  patient enough, are you knowing the Isle well enough to know where to look for the required Items?

Needless to say that there are gorgeous prizes to win – a Celtic harp with 25 songs – a hand drum with 5 songs – and a music box for every participant. Not to talk about the REVOLT prizes to win along the ( so far ) 2 additional hunts.

It is quite the challenge – So, take part in the spooky adventure !!


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