Breaking news from REVOLT

A new feature is added to the Revolt Combat System:

The Revolt Crafting Hud System.

REVOLT  System is at  at V  v2.3.5.1 now, and it includes the CRAFTING SYSTEM!
Grab your newest update at the Lobby ( RP Intro), attach HUD and METER, and hit the “play” button. You find the REVOLTCraft  1.0.4 in the REVOLT Starter Items Pack

Search and gather resources, craft recipes.
Enjoy the new toy and finding resources all over the Isle of Dee ^^

How does it work?

0. Wear the HUD and tools.
1. Go to the inventory screen.
2. Click the up arrow next to one of the professions with a full bar.
3. Wait for recipe book to load.
4. Go to the crafting screen.
5. Open the recipe book and select a recipe.
6. Click each resource, and click the examine button to identify the names of the resources you need.
7. Go to the surveying screen.
8. Click the resource book, and select the first resource you need.
9. Click the compass to survey for the resource.
10. Continue to survey for the resource until you’ve found it.
11. Repeat steps 8-10 until you’ve found all the resources needed for the recipe.
12. Go to the crafting screen.
13. Load the recipe, and click the craft button on the right.
14. Go to your inventory, and notice that the crafted item has replaced all its ingredients.
15. Notice the bars on the left of the inventory screen have gone up from the gathering and crafting you have done.
16. Continue gathering and crafting, and trade with other people!


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