Cryer #166

Countless Pumpkins flood down the streets of the haunted City!
Help cleaning the streets and get richly rewarded!


It will seem the ghosts and the bell that disturbs the beauty of the village since many months now are in some way related. Someone wants to have seen the bell hovering during the night , someone else wants to have seen it hop like a rabbit.

It is advised to take care where you step at or into these days.  There are holes leading to the underworld , in middle of the paths.


The stenching smell coming from the castle is gone. What is not gone is the suspicious business of some strangers roaming around the area. There is the rumor about the royalty  secretly having returned to the isle  on the one hand and the suspicion about outlaws planning to raid and take the isle on the other hand.


Dart has been seen walking to the city- and limping back. Anyone knows what his business is there? Is it possible he fraternizes with those suspicious persons that have been seen around the abandoned castle? Or is it just the bad luck of a known drunkard?


That the local Fae are up to no good is widespread known.  Now it seems they started to train horses  and summon dark creatures to reach their goal to rule the whole isle.  It is about time the villagers think about a defense strategy – or they end up being slaves to the Fae.


Mild breezes, calm waters.  A good season for Shipping .


About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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