The Ghosts Of Dee – by Kam Wortham

This one is the winner entry of The ghost nurse contest.
Congratulations Kam!  🙂

The Mist surrounded me one night, and in the distance I thought to see a light in the darkness. The waves pushed me around as a leaf on a stream. I was tired of fighting and I let myself be carried away. I’m not sure for how long I had been holding on that piece of wood, but since the storm it is what have kept me afloat. I remember felling the warmth of the sun one day, touching my face. The ocean had pushed me to a calm cove. I felt the soil beneath me, I left my savior, that piece of wood, to be washed away as I climbed the small elevation. There seemed to be a building and I tried to reach it, but before I could even stand up properly, everything was dark.

My name is Kameron Wortham, but everyone calls me Kam, and this is the first chapter of my new life.

I don’t know for how long I’ve been out, the next thing I remember is waking up, with the water bathing my face. A rising tide begun to push me back to the water, but not this time, standing up with great difficulty, I got to a higher ground.

There I sat for a couple of minutes. In the distance I saw a city, and the tales of the sailors came back to me. Could this be the Isle of Dee? could this be the Forgotten Isle? Those questions kept sounding on my head until I found a sign and there was no doubt anymore. I had been washed up to the Isle of Dee! But there was something strange… Everything was too calm. As I begun to walk towards the city, across the Village of St. Vitus, I was worrying.

The bridge was strong, and in front of me was the doors of the city. As I crossed its arches, something got my attention… It was a prisoner, or at least his ghost, though he didn’t seem to know he was dead. At first I was terrified by it, I ran and ended up in the blacksmith, a very strange green fire was burning in the furnace, the sound of the hammer hitting the anvil came out clear and crystal. Someone was there! I thought gladly only to find out it wasn’t what I thought. Almost fainting I went out to the streets, but the city seemed taken by the dead to my despair.

Perhaps I was also dead, I thought to myself. It could be the only explanation, it was that or I was still sleeping down at the beach where the ocean washed me and this was simply a dream… Anyway I thought, they can’t hurt me. And with that in mind, I realized that they all were in some sort of trouble, or needing something. The dead prisoner, needed the key to his cell, while the blacksmith needed the halt and pommel to complete his work, wondering in the city, looking for the carpentry, I found another ghost, a tavern keeper, worried about her husband’s fate. With these tasks in hand I begun to search for them all.

The Blacksmith told me I could find the pommel in the old castle, while the halt in the carpentry, well it is easier to find a castle than a carpentry in a city like Dee, and so I headed north to the keep. I looked up and down, but I couldn’t find the damn pommel, then, when I climbed high on the tower, I could see in the distance, the ruins of another building, deep into the forest. Perhaps that was the “old” castle I thought. And so, I waited until dawn, and left the keep heading south towards the building I had seen from the tower. It was much easier to find the pommel now that I got to the right place.

The other piece was the halt, and to my surprise, heading back to the city as if by chance I found the damn carpentry, and there it was by one of the buildings windows the halt, just waiting to be taken. After delivering them to a most thankful skeleton blacksmith, I went back to the lighthouse, for the tavern keeper husband had been lost at sea…

As I crossed the little bridge to the cove where the lighthouse stood, something sparked on the sand, and there it was a compass of a ship. I swiftly took it to the ghost of the widow, to see if it was the one of her husband, most to my disappointment it wasn’t, but then she told me, her husband used the west docks… well she could have said that before, I mumbled as I headed to the west docks. In the distance the wreckage of a ship blended itself against the rocks, and in the shores, nearby, a compass, and this time it was it. Well on all this adventure I got really tired and headed to the hospital… what an idea… there I met the nurse, and she needed a story for her patients, so I decided to write my own adventures so far… a bright idea right? Though I lack the style of a bard, and their fine use of words, what a best tale than that of someone whom meet with ghosts!

But there was one thing that still was missing, the key of the ghost prisoner. I wondered and wondered looking for the key, until finally there it was on a corner, of a passage, and as I bent to get it, whom I see, the poor officer whom had lost the key. Releasing the ghost, I then begun to write, and now I’m tired so I will hand this over to the nurse, and hope it may be of use for her…

Perhaps if I’m sleeping I’ll wake up, and if I’m dead, well to whomever read this, have a good life, and enjoy it the most! And I see you around if you believe in ghosts!


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