Cryer #168 – Idiots And Bruises


Miss Willow, at the time smith, returned to the Isle. Miss Cali has been spotted as well and  the local Bard, Dart appeared at the bardic last Monday with his wife


A bit of gossip was overheard at Bardic..Is the old Tavern indeed opening its doors once more?
Will the villagers go as they once have and try to dispel the fears that being so near the growing forest will provoke?
Miss Willow has been seen cooking and cleaning  in the tavern in hopes that the the villagers will once again cross the bridge to enjoy an evenings refreshment and socializing

By:  Anonymous


We have more reports about activity by underdark dwellers.

“Bardic was entertaining and well attended by villagers and winged ones hovering overhead.
Stories told and music flowed, but the occasion was marred by the visit of a cloaked and hooded Dark Elf.
She did call all gathered- idiots and deserving of nothing more than to be wiped from the Isle of Dee. This veiled threat was answered by the Bard himself attempting an assault on the dark Elf. All gathered, mostly womenfolk were seen in a flury of skirts and some panic. The dark elf did promise a return and this has the villagers needing some strong ale and a plan to defeat or at the very least show a greater strength on her promised return.

On a more festive note the spirits are at rest now and some villagers have been seen dancing  to a variety of music and enjoying the Traders Barrel and its fine food and ale.”

By an anonymous villager

The inclined reader may want also to read the poem at the bottom of this paper.


Miss Esmeralda, the eccentric Abbey Keeper and former acrobat  has her own version of the day of the bardic.
” I just was up to leave home to go to the abbey, it was early the day, when master Dart yelled to run for our lives. He invited himself into my cottage and jumped about, asking for garlic  and said a vampire was attacking us. Of course, I always wear my garlic necklace . But to my very surprise he did not want it !  Once he considered it to be save outside, we made our way to bardic. ” the old woman giggled suddenly  like a girl , but when asked for a reason she shook her head  ” Just as much, he is a charming person when he wants to” then she continued to report, but with a more serious face ” It is unpleasant, you know, to sit on the floor with the bones as aching as mine are, so I requested to move a bench to the  tree. He crafted one in short time, for which I was thankful. Sadly the bench broke  while still I was sitting on it and I found myself, hitting my thigh painful, on the ground. ”

When asked about the Dark Elf she was not very helpful : “Ach jaja, there were so many good people, hard to say who is who.  I don’t know of a dark elf or vampire. The good man maybe made all that up to promote his songs . Yes, there was someone speaking rudely and some chaos broke out – I thought that was about my tumble and  bruised thigh. Miss Willow is very nice and helped me up and everything. A really nice good person she is”


Can you say to know every one who lives at our beloved Isle? Here is your challenge for the coming weeks. Write about your neighbors. Who are they, how do they look, what is their profession, do they have tics or do they smell? Their bad or good habits? We want to know all. Each entry  will be generously rewarded and anonymous handled.


Pixies have come to the Village to throw pebbles at the gathered in the village square.
This calls for law and order. Where are the brave souls to stand up proudly in defense of  human pride and safety ?


Dart’s Occasional Dee Diary

The Badic Circle seemed to go
as well as could one could  expect,
A poem, a song, a parable
(though the moral was hard to detect!)

And all were in a pleasant mood,
the humans warm and friendly,
even the pixies, while  playing their  tricks
were not making anyone an  enemy.

But the moment took a shap down-turn
when up stepped a drowess grey.
And though no one really wanted her there
she simply would not go away.

I for one shouted “Run for your lives”
and spinted to my cottage
where thru the window in the back
I could hear her dreadful message.

She theatened us and what was worse
she said we were idiotic!
This boiled my blood, I tell you now
and I went quite…. well, psychotic!

I took my lute into my hand
quite careless of it’s fate
and ran to where that grey thing stood
and swang with all my might!

Then sprinted I back  to my home
and looked again through my window,
she still stood straight, as though that blow
was from a leaf, a wisp or a pillow!

I warn you Dee, we had best take care
’cause evil has come to visit.
And as soon as my lute is repaired and in tune
I will write you a ballad about it!


Its foggy and clammy all over the Isle. Soft winds bring frost .


7 Seas Fishing
We updated the fishing area. There are now custom prizes to collect.
Please note that Dee stays friendly open for guests that are not part of the Isle RP.
Only requirement is that they keep conversations to IM and wear the  Visitor Life buoy or titler , available in the Lobby.
A door leads from the Bait shack to he lobby and back.

The Contest board will be open occasionally, with and without announcement.

Isle Of Dee Player Survey:

Your feedback is high appreciated. Please take the little time that it takes to do the survey.

Faction Leaders:
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Please forward to anyone that you think might be interested and capable of taking up with he role of a leader.


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