Cryer #169 – Fools and Sorcery


To the people of Dee,

I thank you all for the warm welcome back into the City of Dee and support with me taking on the Cock-A-Hoop tavern, I will do my absolute best to run it as best I can.

I wish to request the help of a group of people to clear up the area outside the tavern. If you wish to volunteer then please come and find me at the tavern and I can arrange for the group clean-up as soon as possible!

All the Best!

Signed:  Willow Kagore


Quite some crowd at the last Bardic.  Many came to listen and share own  or borrowed arts of word and song that the space around the Village tree seemed not enough. You may need to bring your own benches and chairs for next bardic time, to not have to sit on the clammy grassy ground.

There is a coming and going now again between city and village  that reminds of the glorious old days when the old walled  city of Dee was a place of nobles and wealth. Although there are many that claim to not want any noblesse in their lives, is there not the silent wish for it? At least one resident keeps talking of a King soon to come. Whether this is purely  wishful thinking or foretelling time alone will tell.

A brave guard patrols the Village for its safety –  Is this a  selfless service and do the villagers show their appreciation for it?


Miss Esmeralda sent us this little note :

“I would like to point out that it is , while nice that you regard my words, very impolite of you to call me a little girl with your judgment about how I laugh or giggle. I suggest you choose your editorial words more neutral, careful and less influenced by your own opinion of my person. I might be a talkative old woman and useful for your paper, but I don’t let you make a fool of me by illustrating me like one. Publish this if you dare

Sincerely, not at all like a girl giggling
Miss Esmeralda”

We only can hope Miss Esmeralda accepts our heartfelt apology. The Editor in question tends to take the poetic license too literate and is in deep shame to have caused her anger.


Can you say to know every one who lives at our beloved Isle? Here is your challenge for the coming weeks. Write about your neighbors. Who are they, how do they look, what is their profession, do they have tics or do they smell? Their bad or good habits? We want to know all. Each entry  will be generously rewarded and anonymous handled.


We received an anonymous note last minute before releasing the cryer.

I do think that peaple should not eat the aples off the trees in the wood or on the beech or by the abby road. Them trees are not natural, trees are not meant to grow so quick, and aple trees do not grow so big, not even in a hundred yeers, and the aples can only bring no good I do think. And I did see a merchent called Dan who had ate one and he was most sick and confuzed. Them trees shoud be distroyed as soon as ever they may, for no good can come of such unnatural growths, they must be a produce of sorcery.

((OOC HINT added by the author:  written in an educated hand but seeming deliberately untidy, with spelling and grammar mistakes that seem somewhat out of place in that context))


The fog thins out a bit and a soft breeze reminds of a late golden summer.
Its clammy though still all over the Isle, announcing the incoming queen of the cold.


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