Cryer #170


Miss Kagore  sent us this open letter for your attention:

To the people of Dee,

It is with deep regret that in my absence the tavern will be closed and all food that I have on display will be removed until the tavern is reopened again upon my return.

This is a step that I didn’t wish to take, but I have recently found out that two people have taken it upon themselves to steal from my tavern despite the hospitality I have shown them.

I am a generous person and so I do not charge nor do I seek any other forms of repayment if people are struggling. Dee is at an all time low and I do understand that, I am not heartless.

In fact, since I’ve opened I have not charged anyone thus far. So I take insult to anyone that takes advantage of my generosity.

I am sorry to those that do not mean to steal or cause any upset, as it is the fault of two selfish people.


Bardic was very well attended this Monday past with  the Bard and his girl and several villagers. A little winged one was also spotted nearby but seemed shy of joining the assembled group.
The old woman by the name Esmerelda was wont to tell a story and so the day went..
A new villager by the name Kam (a very handsome fellow) did also stand to tell a tale while all villagers did watch the roof top nearby where a dragon did lay. Much ado was made at first about the dragons presence but he posed no threat and all relaxed and enjoyed the day.

misty    villager of Dee

A couple, a man and a woman , were spotted in the roadway from the beach and did turn out of sight as they neared the bardic circle.
Who are these two and why did they not stop  and meet all assembled?  I fear that their wanderings in Dee may be that of stealth, for why wouldn’t they come in plain sight and be greeted?

Another couple, a man and a woman, were spotted the other day with the mysterious woman that apparently lives in and claiming the castle keep their property.  Various things have been, on report of miss Esmeralda who lives near the bridge towards the cut off part of the isle ,  transported towards the  castle keep and one wonders what is going on there. ” She says for firewood ” so miss Esmeralda, but her face has shown doubt.

As the man Kam was just finishing up his tale of Kings and kingdoms an unusual sight  did greet the villagers and many a gasp could be heard.
There at the foot of the hill stood a….a man , perhaps, but what a countenance  did this one present. He was of full armor and had shoulders afire…yes, he carried fire and yet..he dripped of water!
When questioned about his strange appearance and where he hailed from we heard words that chilled us to our very bones!

Strange behaved the probably oldest human of dee towards the man. She  is said to have knelt  in courtly manner towards him who wore a crown and called him King.


Isle of D like dragon?
There have been sights reported of several – given numbers vary between three and six  – different dragons during the past days.  Stay alert, their intentions and relation to the isle and their stance towards the residents are yet unknown.

Freelance Reporter


Can you say to know every one who lives at our beloved Isle? Here is your challenge for the coming weeks. Write about your neighbors. Who are they, how do they look, what is their profession, do they have tics or do they smell? Their bad or good habits? We want to know all. Each entry  will be generously rewarded and anonymous handled.


Since  there have been no further reports of unnatural events it is to assume that the anonymous note  about sorcery and poisoned apples that bring diseases are mere fantasy. Also nobody seems to have seen a  sick and confused merchant of the name Dan, thus, with lack of evidence there is no confirmation of any such event.

Albeit , on an editorial note, such reports are indeed concerning, as are those about theft and other crimes. This opens the question  and raises the urge for a kind of  regime and government for  law, health, safety  for the residents. Without this, and I am writing this in full awareness about possible consequences, we humans of the isle of Dee seem no better than the savages we fear.


The fog thickens again, strong northern winds being cold and frost.
Prepare , the winter is close.


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