Cryer #171 – CARCASS & CORPSES

A generous gift , a shot deer with a note  was left by the old tavern in the city. A gentle man whose name is unknown at this point took the deer to the old guards barracks to skin and smoke it there.
According to this we can expect deer stew the coming days to be served at the Cock A Hoop.

Unclear is, where the carcass that can be found around the near forest originates from. Someone we knew?

The brave young boy who patrolled the Isle  for the villagers safety is missing. It is possible he became a meal or got crushed  under the giants feet. Which leads us to the next topic

Beware the Giants! It only came to our attention that there are giants roaming the isle. Eye-witness accounts shall be rewarded by the editors!

Is a maiden  or youngster searching for work, ye should go to the cock a Hoop or the Traders Barrel and request there.


– The work on cleaning the yard in old town seems to get well along.  The bar wenches worked hard  and got unexpected help in the  ‘mad woman that calls herself queen’  and her companions that carried most of the flammable material away with them. The pile shrinks visible  and we look forward a re-opening party of the good old tavern once the women find their work there completed.

– A man whose name is not known by the editors at this time apparently apothecary by profession resides at present at the hospital. It may be mere rumor, any information about it is highly appreciated!


– In a huff did he leave the bardic last monday.  He, that is a native to the Isle, a man by the name Veldrin.
We have been able to gather that his wife as well native to the Isle, suffers under mental disease.

– Welcomed or tolerated, a dark Elf and an elf as well as a pixie sat with the villagers and enjoyed pie and tales.

– Drunkards Dart and Lotte have not been seen much around but noise coming from their house tells about them being  much alive.

– Young men claim to be protectors of the Isle.  Mercenaries or honorable  – be advised to not trust just any random man saying he will protect you! A true humble  protector would, so we think, stand up for the caste and unite the brave and true ones under a pennant.

– Passage fee – Soon it may become expensive to go from the City to the Village and back, says a concerned woman who was able to overhear a mans plans for the old city of Dee


Snowy and  frosty. Though not enough to stay, the snow flakes dance neatly down from the skies these days.


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