Cryer #172 Lusty Barwenches & Trash


Greetings & well met, citizens of Dee!

I am Coke, a ranger, transported here by strange magic  of  some kind from the lands beyond. I was in a bar arguing with a friend about who would take the lusty barwench home when he waved his hands and muttered a few words and suddenly I’m here. For now, I’ll make the best of it, till I find where I’m at and how to get home again. I have a limited knowledge of herbal medicine, so I will offer my skills as a healer and reside in the hospital in case the need for a healer arises…

In the meantime, I will study herbal medicine more deeply and improve my healing skills.  I will have a lighted torch out front to indicate the healer is present. I may be away searching for roots, bark and leaves of different plants for stocking in the hospital.
I look forward to meeting anyone with a good heart and kind words.


We repeat the warning of the last cryer: Beware the Giants!
More folks want to have seen the  giants roaming the isle.
Will they be eating us one by one?
Eye-witness accounts shall be rewarded by the editors!


– Ladys night was attended by a few good  women folk who shared an ale or two and did by mere accident mend a  sock or so as the evening passed. The talk  was of village males on which subject Miss Willow did attempt to hide a blush…

The talk also turned to the Giant seen by a few and feared by many. This giant was said to have threatened to eat one of our very own who did hide inside hoping a building was some protection.
As the evening drew  late and darkness  once more began its shroud of Dee,  Mossy was heard to have made an invitation to the castle to  one attending.  Will all dee inhabitants find shelter  in this cold forbidding isle as winter casts her frigid fingers into our hearts?

– Strange whirlpools appeared and disappeared in the small bay near the light house. Luckily it is not the season for swimming, but who uses the waters for fishing with a row boat should be careful.

– Stray farm animals taken care of and brought back to the farm – except for the  respectable sizable rooster that patrols the village like saying ’tis mine ye fools’.


– Will it ever end with the dirt and trash? Just when the hard working women Misty, Mysti and Willow with a vanishing little help of others finished cleaning all the  junk  in front of the Cock A Hoop, new dirt got literally thrown at the tavern.  Dirt in shape of dead rats and fishbones  and slimy footprints are all over tables and benches. Miss Willow got not seen since this *attack* on her project to revive the Cock A Hoop, and this while we all look forward the promised re- opening party.

How ever, we must not worry, the tavern is well attended.  Miss Misty has been seen there cleaning and is much worrying over Willows absence.

It is assumed that the attackers are Goblins and a letter,  open for everyone to read on a table by the door in the tavern, adds some  interesting facts to the matter.


Dart’s Occasional Dee Diary
‘Twas Monday and that’s Bardic Day,
and the weather it was frightful,
so we held in the tavern this time
where the fire is warm and delightful!

When  Dart stumbled in, he saw three ladies there
and they seemed to be cleaning the floor.
With a bucket nearby, dirty rags and a mop
scrubbing hard ’till their knees became sore.

“What the……..?” spat the bard as his feet became stuck
in green slime that he hadn’t seen there,
“Them damn Gobos!” he shouted as he cleaned off his toes
“Willow never should let them in here!”

But Willow was absent, so he let himself find
where she kept all the ale and the meade
then he poured a large tankard which was gone in a gulp
“Three or four more is all I will need!”

When the stories began, the ladies all sat
(and their name they all start with an “M”)
then in hobbled Esmerelda, on her old wooden cane
and her parables they did begin.

One of a lad who broke windows and such
in a village un-named in the tale,
and then one of a lass who got swallowed down whole
by a giant (who’s gender was male.)

As I close down this poem I still cannot discern
what the morals were, though the stories wern’t boring.
And I hope Esmeralda won’t stop with her task
of stopping us all from our snoring!


Unchanged snowy and  frosty.


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