Cryer #173 – Dee Legion


Have you ever felt like you aren’t safe on the Isle?
Do you feel as if you are in constant danger?

If you do, I hope that I may change that.

I hope that I can unite all able bodied men and women of the Isle that will be able to assist in the defense of it under one banner. To be a part of the defense, one does not have to be skilled in arms and armor, but any help that can be offered shall be of great help to our cause. We do not claim any power over those that live here, nor do we wish to be any other than those devoted to the safety and defense of those that live on this Isle. If you think you have something to offer, whether it be sword or kind words, then please attempt to find me around the village.

signed:  Chance Baddingham


Apparently the Giants, like bears, hold winter sleep. Give the gods that this is correct.


– The goblin slime was scrubbed and washed and scrubbed once again  in the old city tavern and as the day grew late the one called misty was joined in her labors by Jessie Miggins, newly returned to the isle (poor dear) and a wonderful worker for any that have need of help.

The counters gleamed as did the floor as she tossed out fish bones and dead rats, remnants of the goblin visit.

The pixie Canned was seen hanging around near the door and misty did not want to leave the doorway unprotected from the random pranks which left many barricaded within the tavern just recently.

Cleaned and freshened by the northerly winds  the tavern was closed for the night and the one called Jessie was seen to have taken some respite near the back fire until  she found  coin enough to find a safe bed.

– It looks like there is a racial misunderstanding undergoing. A letter can be found in the tavern that seems to explain the mess, in a language that is hard to read. That hard that we copied what seems to be the releant part of it here :
“Ellow mizz barwench

I as dun a bit ov werks in this ere tavern as i sed i wud, luks real pritty now dun it? ”

The letter goes on and can be read – like the other- in the Cock A Hoop.


Northern winds bring  snow and  frost.


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