Cryer #174 – Goblin Love & Recruitment


The Eyes of Dee would like to take a moment of everyone’s time to fill you in with the daily gossip…. there is blood, pools of it! here there and everywhere. those poor sheep gathering about it behind the black smiths shop, there hooves dotted with the red substance. A puddle congealing next to the trees right out in front of the tavern. my Oh my!  Whispering: and not to mention the stench of rotting carcass. There is a reason those last three letters are in that word….


While the insulars slept soundly in their beds nightly creatures let  who was awake  shiver by letting them hear great howls, reverberating wall to wall through the human homes and far off into the dark recesses of the forest.

The next morning great pools of crimson  were seen near the forest edge and on further examination were found to be animal carcass and remains surrounded by the stench  of newly let blood. What has done this and do the villagers all need to arm themselves as they go about their daily tasks?

Recent events have us print this next entry anew due to its relevance:


Have you ever felt like you aren’t safe on the Isle?
Do you feel as if you are in constant danger?

If you do, I hope that I may change that.

I hope that I can unite all able bodied men and women of the Isle that will be able to assist in the defense of it under one banner. To be a part of the defense, one does not have to be skilled in arms and armor, but any help that can be offered shall be of great help to our cause. We do not claim any power over those that live here, nor do we wish to be any other than those devoted to the safety and defense of those that live on this Isle. If you think you have something to offer, whether it be sword or kind words, then please attempt to find me around the village.

signed:  Chance Baddingham


– The washing and scrubbing at the  goblin slime starts to show results. It appears to be less, yet well to see- and smell.

– Chairs and barrels piled up by the forest borders. Anyone having an  idea what that is about, please share with the reporters!

– We reveal more of the  barely readable love letter to the  tavern wench that can be found in the Cock A Hoop:
“Yuz iz mitey pritty fer an umint.  bit pale but pritty, i fink too pritty lasses in ere an we will ave this plece bizy in no time. ”


Northern winds bring  snow and  frost.

today: Jessie

-As she climbed the last stretch of frosty grass, a pail of discarded food from the tavern dragged behind her in her hand, once to the top she rested the bucket on the ground beside the gate to enter the animal’s yard and care to their daily needs, as she had done for some time now, she smiled her eyes hitting sight of several eggs laying near the chickens, eggs had been slow lately so her heart quickened as she saw an increase.

Stepping closer through the gate she tied her apron tighter, and wrapped her cloak around her, for the morning air was quite crisp and a tad breezy.  Collecting the eggs, her dark wooden bucket filled quickly, the slightly rusted metal handle creaking as it swung in her right hand with each movement of her left , she giggled as she thought of how she could bake a bigger variety of goods in her time at the tavern  now that the eggs have came back at an abundant rate. Once the eggs were collected she set the bucket just outside the gate to the yard lifting the other bucket she had dragged behind her all the way from the tavern, pausing for a moment she turned her attention out to look over the water that surrounded the isle, but this morning’s view was of a peaceful rolling fog above the water, gliding atop it gently.

Drawing herself back to reality she took a deep breath, the air tasting fresh and sweet. Holding the side of her cotton dress she brought herself and the bucket closer to the  pigs pen to rearrange the water tub, that still set half full. Then position the trough for the discarded food from the tavern to fill, dumping the bucket the large pig brought herself over eating loudly, with a pat she smiled and turned exiting the pig pen.  Setting that bucket down next to the gathered eggs.

Turning she grabbed a slab of hay from an already opened bail and dropped it in front of the cow, scratching the cows velvet hide she spoke smoothly to her.-  Morning there. -Reaching for another slab she dropped that one in front of the donkey, rubbing an ear she smiled quickly reaching to grab yet another slab to set it in the pen with the sheep, noticing an overturned bucket she reached over setting it upright in the corner then going to the tub of water and filling the bucket that lay beside it to carry water to the bucket she had carefully nestled in the corner of the sheep’s pen.

Returning the bucket to the side of the water tub she pulled her hands inside her cloak to warm as she thought of other things that maybe needing to be done before she returned to the tavern. Not seeing another thing out of its place she makes her way back over to the gate lifting her two buckets carrying them back down the hill towards the tavern.-


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