Cryer #175 – Flying Pigs, Stinky Muffins & Mossy Queen


– Someone or Thing  is dead up at the old guards room above the gate.  Someone might want to investigate on this, the reporter reporting this  apologized and ran away toward the river to release their stomach, before telling details.


– are eager to report that there was a Captain, Jay be his name,  about the city one morning. However….. The amount of travelers that the Isle attracts from now on could be much less if this Captain has anything to say about his visit here. His time here was simply terrible! (according to the Eyes of Dee). He was seen eating his stew with his hands, since he was not given a spoon with his meal, then not given a napkin to clean his hands at while at the tavern. The Barrel of beverage seemed to be low or malfunctioning, since he was seen yelling at it and left a dry glass. And most importantly he slipped on the slime that was spread throughout the entry on his way out.  This doesn’t look good for our popularity Folks!

– to the nosier residents of Dee…. the blood pools still existing but bodies have not been recovered.  Many thinking it was an animal who took some other animal for its feast.

– there has been a report that we lost one of the piglets to the chilly winds of the night last evening.


We apologize for any irritation we might have caused by publishing the new series ” A MOMENT IN THE LIFE OF AN INSULAR OF DEE” It must of course be ” A MOMENT IN THE LIFE OF AN ISLANDER  OF DEE.

Today again: Jessie

-She smiled as the plump, tiny, red  raspberries tumbled from the basket into the dough with in the bowl that sat in front of her on the kitchen portion of the light wooden bar counter with in the tavern. Taking the spoon she folded them in carefully, some of them leaking there vibrant colors into the dough, causing pink swirls throughout the muffin mixture.

Once all the dough had combined she turned grasping the muffin pan in both hands, laying it on the counter she began humming a sweet uplifting tune,  her hips gently swaying with the melody. As the muffin pan filled she took a finger tasting the dough. It was sweet and quite tasty.-  Mmmm well let’s just hope some travelers arrive to partake in this delicious morning treat. -she spoke as she set the pan on a rack above the fire, then turning to make her way to the fireplace and set to relax and sip the water she had poured and left at the table before she had began baking in the first place.

Watching the flames as they crackled dancing across the burning log that nestled in the red hot coals in the bottom of the hearth her nostrils caught the scent of the muffins baking, her lips parted gently as a smile rose on her face for the scent was wonderful.

After time she pulled herself from the hypnotic flickers of the fire to stand and move closer to the kitchen, once in sight her eyes lit up as she saw the perfectly browned humps protruding from the medium sized cups in the pan. removing the pan she set it to the side to cool.

Now all that was left was for some hungry bellies to arrive.


-She looked up nodding in thanks for the time taken from the woman in interview.-  Might we start with the name of ye Ma’am?

With a sniff she says, sounding reluctant:  ‘They call me Mossy, miss. Mossy Green.’

-Her bright uplifting emotions fell through as her face glowed eager to learn about this woman- What might a lovely soul such as yourself do in this isle?

Mossy frowns at being called ‘lovely’ -to her this is patently an empty flattery, as she does not think herself lovely in any way. ‘Well’ she says, ‘I… do this and that – like – whatever I can to find a meal, or firewood, or whatever I need to… well… keep meself going, you know.’ She takes on a faraway look for a moment and then adds ‘Miss Willow told me I should try taking up drawing for a living… she seemed to like the scribble I did of her.’ She grins and curls her lip in a sneer. ‘Like anyone would pay me to make a drawing of them!’ she says scornfully.

-tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear she clears her throat proceeding with another question.- Where might the citizens find you most of the time?

Mossy narrows her eyes at the question and says ‘I hope they will NOT find me most of the time, miss, unless I wish to be found, in which case I mostly find them.’ Then she frowns and adds ‘But I suppose if somebody has a need to find me ’tis no secret that I am often in the vicinity of the castle, for ’tis a shame to leave such a place empty and uncared for, ye know.’ She flashes a grin which is an odd mixture of sly and bashful.

-she nods her head with a grin as she continues to write down the responses the woman gave.- How Long have you been with us?

Mossy screws her face up at the probing, and answers “I have been here as long as ’tis since I washed up here, miss, and I suppose I shall be here as long as it takes for someone to object to me, or else seeks to do me harm, for I would not wish to stay where I am not wanted.’

-with a gentle look she responds before closing the interview.- I must say I hope you feel welcome, I surely want you hear, the more the merrier. -She gathered her things and took a breathe- I must be on my way, I thank you again for your time. Before a response could be given her polite smile disappeared into the trees.-


A little warmer due warmer winds. Still snowing.


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